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64 tips to make sure that your website delivers business value

With the economy in a seemingly perpetual crisis, businesses are under ever more pressure from their finance and managing directors to ensure all business tools and investments are delivering the desired results.

This includes websites ranging from simple brochure websites to marketing campaign websites to multi-channel international e-commerce solutions with integrated supply chains.


Companies struggling to perform attribution and online/offline measurement

One of the holy grails for digital marketers is to be able to calculate the effectiveness of each stage of a customer journey and to optimise it to increase sales.

While some would have hoped that the often-cited quote attributed to Lord Leverhulme would become a relic of the past, unfortunately companies are still struggling to measure their customer journeys.


The changing role of the web analyst

The role of the web analyst has changed dramatically, with a diversity of work that didn't exist two or three years ago. 

For the sake of our sanity I set about trying to define the role of the web analyst.


Solving puzzles and teaching pigs to sing: the human side of web analytics

In our 2012 Web Analytics Buyer’s Guide published this week, one of the trends we have identified within this  industry is the continued importance of people in getting value from web analytics.

One of the contributors to the guide is Jim Sterne, founder of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and chairman of the Web Analytics Association. At the recent eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in London, Jim gave a keynote entitled The Human Side of Marketing Analytics. Below are some of the key takeaways I identified.


Landmark EU ruling moves the boundaries for publishers

Last week we saw Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) lose its appeal to overturn a privacy action in the French courts by actor Olivier Martinez.

Martinez successfully sued the publishers of the Sunday Mirror in 2008 over an article that was published online about the actor’s then relationship with Kylie Minogue, saying that it negatively affected his reputation in France.


How to view regional search traffic in Google Analytics

As a web analyst, I have been playing around with Google Analytics for many years now and have increasingly enjoyed watching and waiting for new features that a)add better ability to gain insight about a web business and b) make my life easier!

Features such as custom variables and event tracking have been an absolute gift in terms of being able to understand who visits my clients’ websites, which features are interacted with and what value this delivers my clients.

Frustratingly of course, there are areas where things could just be a little bit better and that’s where (in all honesty) we get to have some fun by re-working the way Google Analytics delivers data by creating hacks and being creative with filters.


How do you turn your site conversion killers into winners?

Conversion killers can steal revenue from under your feet without you even realising it. This article discusses the common issues that affect web conversions.

What are those conversion killers and how can you twist them to your advantage?

Leaky buckets


We were not accountants, we were statisticians

Web analysts brought forth the flame of online behavioral analysis and fanned those flames into a brilliance that shines a light on customer insight. And then they became accountants.

Turns out, that's a very good thing for all of us.

Tracking tweets with Google Analytics

Tracking on-site tweets and follows with Google Analytics

Chris Lake's earlier post How Econsultancy measures Twitter via Google Analytics gave some great insight into how Econsultancy was already tracking Twitter, and what trends it was observing.

However, inward traffic is only part of the picture, and with some additional tweaks it's possible to get a shedload of additional data on Twitter usage which could be used to further improve social media performance.


My Google Analytics Christmas wishlist

Many of us use Google Analytics as our day-to-day analysis and reporting tool, it's provided enterprise level analytics to everyone, and turned a legion of website owners into quasi-statisticians.

However, it's not without its flaws and weaknesses. As I've been a Good Boy this year, here are the ten things I'd love to have from Google Analytics for Christmas. 


How you should set up your web analytics team

I think a common theme in companies is that there is a need for an 'expert' to come in and make use of the data that they are creating or to turn around an organisation that has managed to ignore its customers for too long. 

This is the start of the web analytics function in an organisation. Most people don't know where it belongs, let alone what it should look like. In my professional life I have been in e-commerce, IT, search, customer insight, and marketing teams, and I'm only 29 (even if the increasing grey hairs belie this fact).


Q&A: Eric Peterson on current trends in web analytics

Web Analytics Demystified blogger and consultant Eric Peterson was recently in London to speak at Tealeaf’s annual customer forum. 

We interviewed Eric and Tealeaf’s VP of Worldwide Marketing Geoff Galat about the current trends in web analytics, and the challenges of measuring multichannel marketing...