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FIFA World Cup 2014

World Cup 2014: what should we expect from brands?

The World Cup, along with the Olympics, comes by once every four years and is therefore a good assay of changing media habits and technology.

Twitter users have doubled since the last World Cup in 2010. Live TV streaming is available from all the main broadcasters and the user experience of laptop and tablet TV-streaming continues to improve.

Mobile has been the main driver of social media consumption and increasing demand for real-time content. Additionally, user generated content is easier than ever to gather, as new devices and new users become more adept and involved online.

So, what should marketers expect to come out of Brazil and World Cup 2014? In this post I’m going to take a look at some of the brands involved so far and their efforts, as well as looking at lessons that can be drawn from the London Olympics in 2012.

stars and stripes

US digital marketing statistics we've enjoyed this week

This week's US digital marketing statistics features the world's biggest brands and, neatly enough, detail on brand fatigue worldwide.

There's also stats on consumer preferences in customer service, Twitter use by digital marketers and what the World Cup could mean for retailers.

For more digital marketing stats, check out the Econsultancy Internet Statistics Compendium.


Why are brands like Adidas embracing the newsroom concept?

Adidas has recently announced that it is to create a series of ‘digital newsrooms’ as part of a drive to enhance its real time marketing approach.

It is a strategy that embraces core journalistic principles and puts brands toe-to-toe with mainstream publishers, but is it the right way to plan a content marketing strategy?

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What the Coca Cola World Cup campaign reveals about video advertising

Looking at the new World's Cup campaign from Coca Cola and its new video, I was struck by how closely it follows a pattern we've seen emerging in video advertising for the past five years.

I was also struck by how Coke's effort differs from Pepsi's #FutbolNow World Cup campaign and the calls to action, overt or otherwise, in its video.

In this post you can watch both videos and see if you agree with my points. For more detail on best practice in video advertising, see our Online Video Best Practice guide.

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FIFA’s breathtakingly beautiful app is ready for the World Cup

You might think that headline is hyperbole. It isn’t.

The new FIFA app, created by Monitise Create, is reviewed very favourably in the app store, with users unanimous in giving the app five stars.

I must say, I quite agree. The UX is basically flawless, and information is presented elegantly and simply. The imagery, the formatting, the type, the transitions, the icons; it’s all pretty.

It compares very favourably with (is better than) other ‘match centre’ apps such as Sky Sports, but offers lots of other content, too, notably news, World Cup content, FIFA rankings and interactive games.

With the app tipped to become the most popular sports app download, I thought I’d put it through its paces. Take a look at my review of one of the most beautifully designed apps I’ve used in ages.


Will Olympics sponsors make the most of social?

Billions are spent by global brands on sports sponsorship. Olympic sponsors will have to learn the lessons from last year's World Cup and make the most of social media to get value out of their sponsorship deals.


ESPN proves mobile isn't cannibalizing online viewers

Mobile is an exciting new format for many businesses, opening new opportunities for paid content and increased viewership. But are mobile sites and apps poaching viewers that might normally interact with a company's more robust web property?

According to a presentation from ESPN, mobile is instead opening an entirely new market for the company, and their findings can be useful for other verticals as well.


Brands and the World Cup: who were the real winners and losers?

Spain has emerged as world champions and the excitement is over for another four years. 32 teams battled it out in South Africa for World Cup glory, but the game wasn’t just being played on the pitch; brands went head-to-head in a fiercely contested online marketing battle.

From betting and beer to travel to TVs, who were the real winners and losers?


How did brands use social media during the World Cup?

Sponsorship is brilliant for many reasons;  supporting a great cause or event, building awareness of your brand with a new audience and changing opinions of your brand through affiliation.

When it comes to something as big as the World Cup, the link between sponsors and the main event can appear tenuous until you’re introduced to the “concept” behind the relationship through brand messaging.

For example, Coca Cola’s desire for people to celebrate goals with a beverage or McDonald’s customers being compelled to avoid or discuss the games in its diners during the tournament. 

However, communicating these concepts is no longer a mere media-buying activity. International brands now have their social media channels to help them along the way...


ITV way behind on World Cup web usability: study

ITV's World Cup website has plenty of room for improving the user experience for visitors, with a score 20 points behind that of the four other sites in the study. 

Webcredible's World Cup usability study found the FIFA website was the most usable, while the BBC, Sky and Eurosport were joint second. 


World Cup hits ad impressions

Traffic figures for English websites are dropping during the country's World Cup fixtures, as fans abandon the internet in favour of their TVs. 

According to stats from Adtech, traffic drops by 20% during England fixtures, while for other teams, traffic drops are less significant. This trend is expected to continue around today's game, and to intensify if they manage to get through to the knockout stages. 


ITV fails with online World Cup coverage

With the World Cup well underway, more and more people are choosing to watch online, with both ITV and BBC showing live coverage of each match on their websites. 

I've been attempting to watch a few matches on both websites, and the BBC is the clear winner so far...