Posts tagged with Yahoo focuses on quality, sees net profits drop 25%

Doing the right thing long-term isn't always easy for companies. Just ask, China's ecommerce giant.

Last quarter, the company made some strategic changes to its business model, and focused in on improving the quality of its marketplace. The result: slower growth which, combined with higher expenses, contributed to a 25% drop in net profit.


AOL sells patent collection to Microsoft for $1bn

The patent wars continue.

Just weeks after AOL CEO Tim Armstrong was quoted as referring to AOL's 800-plus patent portfolio as "beachfront property in East Hampton" and reports surfaced that the company was shopping the collection, AOL sealed a deal with Microsoft worth just over $1bn.


Online advertising trends in Q1 2012

With the adoption of new ad formats and further penetration of tablets, the growth of paid search is on the up. According to IgnitionOne's new online report on Global Online Advertising, the first quarter of 2012 showed a 30.3% year on year growth in search advertising. 

The comprehensive report outlines some of the biggest areas of growth in this area including targeted paid search spend, Yahoo/ Bing market share and an increase of mobile search activity, especially from tablets.


Yahoo lays off 2,000 in an effort to get back on track

The internet is booming. Consumers are spending freely online, social networking services are thriving and the public markets are open for business.

But today's internet gold rush has largely passed one of the internet's most storied brands, Yahoo, by, and now the company's inability to capitalize on new opportunities is catching up with it.


UK search traffic up 9% in February: infographic

UK internet users made 2.2bn visits to search engines in February 2012, an increase of 174m visits year-on-year.

The data, compiled by Experian Hitwise, also shows that Google’s dominance has slightly increased - while Microsoft and Yahoo saw both monthly and year-on-year declines in traffic.

Google accounted for a massive 91.57% of search traffic in February, up 0.93% from January 2012 and an increase of 0.89% year-on-year.


Yahoo's Facebook patent lawsuit: hate the game, not the player

While the violent and depressing patent wars that are being waged in the technology industry aren't new, Yahoo's patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook has created a firestorm in Silicon Valley.

From bloggers to venture capitalists to former employees, individuals are lashing out at the once-dominant portal, criticizing it for being desperate, evil or some combination of other less-than-nice words.


Yahoo slaps Facebook with patent infringement lawsuit

Facebook hasn't even gone public yet and it looks like the company's IPO honeymoon may be over before it starts.

Today, a consumer internet behemoth with which Facebook has maintained a relatively friendly relationship with, Yahoo, slapped the social networking giant with a lawsuit alleging that it is infringing on 10 Yahoo patents which focus primarily on advertising, but also include, for instance, an "Online playback system with community bias."


Yahoo treads lightly in social with Open Graph integration

Last week, Yahoo brought together a panel led by Patrick Albano, VP Sales of Social, Mobile and Innovation, to talk about how Yahoo is using its own content across social media.

The panel focused on the integration of Facebook’s Open Graph into their home page and the use of Social Bar, a tool that allows advertisers to ask consumers questions through the ads themselves.


Bing and Yahoo's 'Search Alliance': the experts' view

Yahoo has started the process of merging its UK search marketing accounts and search traffic into Microsoft's adCenter, so all search results and ads will now be delivered by Bing.

The migration, which is due for completion at the end of April, means the ad platform will now account for around 6% of UK search traffic.


Do Not Track gains support, but will it really work?

Today, the administration of US President Barack Obama announced a blueprint for a "Privacy Bill of Rights."

The goal: "improve consumers’ privacy protections" and "give users more control over how their personal information is used on the Internet", all the while maintaining the internet's status as an "engine for innovation and economic growth."

To achieve that goal, the president has enlisted the help of some of the internet's biggest names, including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL.


Major online video players schedule their own upfront

According to some in the tech startup community, television is dead, or should be.

Instead of striking fear in the hearts of executives at the major television networks, it probably brings a smile to their faces. After all, year after year they count billions of dollars in revenues from upfronts as it rolls in.

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AOL turns to Yahoo's ad exchange to move inventory

How to compete with Google in the display advertising space? Late last year, three unlikely allies, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft, forged a pact that would allow each company to sell certain display ad inventory for the others.

At the time, Yahoo and Microsoft decided to use different ad exchanges, while AOL remained undecided.