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How millennial entrepreneurs are disrupting retail and ecommerce

It’s impossible to ignore the word 'millennial' in relation to marketing these days.

If I had a pound for every time I heard it during Millennial 20/20 – an event focusing on digital innovation and disruption – I’d have been rolling in it by lunchtime. 

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Why brands can’t resist partnering with Buzzfeed Tasty on Facebook

Proper Tasty is the UK arm of Buzzfeed’s wildly popular food brand. 

Since launching 18 months ago, it has become one of the top five fastest-growing Facebook pages, drawing in 26,000 new users every day. Even more impressive – 65% of UK audiences reportedly watch a Buzzfeed Proper Tasty video each month. 


How Maserati uses influencers to drive its Instagram strategy

While some automotive brands focus on nostalgia, others capitalise on user-generated content. But whatever the approach, many are recognising the power of using Instagram to attract and engage car enthusiasts.

With its takeover campaign, Maserati is one brand that’s been taking a different tack. Instead of simply partnering with influencers on a one-off or short term basis, it has relinquished control of its account to a different influencer each month since it launched.


Five reasons behind Boohoo’s 97% increase in profits

Earlier this week, online fashion retailer Boohoo reported that its pre-tax profits rose 97% to £31m in the past year, almost doubling from just under £16m. Meanwhile, sales rose 51% to £295m.

Interestingly, this comes after the news that retail sales in the UK fell at the fastest quarterly rate since 2010.

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Social commerce: Why basic bots and buy buttons are not enough

Social commerce hasn’t quite taken off in the way it was predicted to. 

While 52% of marketers said it would be the most prominent trend of 2016, you could argue that live video or influencer marketing ended up stealing its thunder.


Jumping on the bandwagon: How brands capitalised on Coachella

While good old Glastonbury is still more about bands than brands, other festivals are increasingly becoming overshadowed by commercial involvement. 

Case in point: Coachella.


10 cracking digital marketing stats from this week

It’s the Easter weekend, which might mean you’re knee-deep in chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and beer by now. But hold up – why not take a break from all that lovely stuff and get stuck into some even lovelier stats?

This week’s roundup includes news about digital ad spend, brand communications and personalisation. You can head on over to the Internet Statistics Compendium for lots more too.

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How Adidas Originals uses social media to drive sales

You might have seen a recent viral photo of a group of girls wearing the same trainers. The pair in question were the Adidas Superstar – clearly the must-have brand for young women everywhere.

But it’s not just girls of a certain age, is it? It seems everywhere you look these days, you’ll see Adidas trainers, hoodies and general apparel being worn in the name of high fashion – not just sport.

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Three reasons behind Dominos’ digital sales boost

Domino’s Pizza is planning to open 400 more stores in the UK following a strong year of digital sales.

With 81% of its deliveries so far this year being ordered online and 64% of these being placed through its app or mobile website, the company has seen an overall sales growth of 11.5%.


10 exciting digital marketing stats from this week

We resisted the temptation to make this week’s roundup a Black Friday bonanza, but don’t worry, it still includes more shopping-related stats than you can shake a stick at.

There’s also news on search behaviour, digital natives, dark social and more.


10 of the best digital marketing stats we've seen this week

This week’s digital stats roundup is slightly ecommerce-heavy, however, it also includes lots of good stuff about video apps, agency growth, offline engagement and more.

For further insight, don’t forget to download the Internet Statistics Compendium.


Three marketing trends to watch in 2016

Every year, marketing managers identify their primary areas of focus for the coming year.

At a macro level, the same topics come up again and again – personalisation, mobile and social.

There’s a reason these three themes consistently keep recurring – their capabilities and their role in commerce marketing are continually evolving.