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BBC finally experiments with in-text 'links'

The BBC is experimenting with the idea of linking out to external sources from within the body text of its news articles, in a trial which will last for four weeks.

Obviously this is a good idea, though why it has taken a decade for the BBC to roll out a 'trial' is anybody's guess (though it won't have done any harm to The Beeb's own Pagerank).

However, the way it is going about this is, well, a little bit Noddy...


Web optimisation: the ultimate conversion insurance

The days of deploying your site changes to production without first testing functionality and cosmetics are long gone. 

So too will the days of deploying website changes that are not conversion tested. 


The Web Week in Review

What caught Drama 2.0's attention this week? Find out before you leave for the weekend in the latest installment of The Web Week in Review.


The five factors of compelling content

I've been involved with online content in a number of capacities. I've run my own online content ventures, consulted with people running online content businesses and obviously am a content producer myself.


Five cool podcasting tools

Podcasting certainly isn't for everybody, but it has grown in popularity over the years and for good reason.


The internet's biggest problem?

Winston Churchill once stated: "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."

This statement has never been truer than today. Thanks to the internet, a lie can be propagated around the world before the truth is ever discovered.


To phone or not to phone?

I recently worked with a client who runs a relatively small e-commerce operation as a second business.

He lamented the fact that when he provided a phone number on his website, his sales more than doubled but the time required to run the business also more than doubled because of all the phone calls, which was not viable for him.


Embedding Flash content using SWFObject 2

Embedding Flash content into a web page seems simple and in theory, it is.

But if you're using embed/object tags alone to embed Flash content, potential issues lurk under the surface.


Free and low-cost PDF software programs

Providing certain documents in Adobe PDF format has many advantages. The format is open, available on almost every platform, widely-used and the Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on most consumer and business computers (PCs, Macs, etc.).


Getting started with Flash Video

Many businesses and entrepreneurs are finding that video content can be a valuable addition to their websites.

Flash Video, popularized by YouTube, offers an ideal, user-friendly way to deliver that video content.


Q&A: Incisive Media's Tim Weller on B2B publishing online

Tim Weller is the group chief executive of Incisive Media and talks to us about his successful approach to B2B publishing.


Q&A:’s Jonathan Wall on e-commerce

Jonathan Wall is the marketing director at, the online technology retailer bought by BT in 2006.

Here, we ask him about the company’s latest efforts around acquisition, conversion and retention, including a current project to digitise its print catalogues.

He also gives us some interesting thoughts on cashback affiliates and shopping comparison sites, as well as the good stuff IT manufacturers are doing to support retailers like Dabs.