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The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week

We’re mid-way through the month, and bringing you even more statistical goodness to see you right on through.

This week’s roundup includes news about Amazon’s ad business, global email placement, holiday shopping habits, and more. Don’t forget to swing by the Internet Statistics Compendium too.


Marks & Spencer’s call centre decision is a textbook case of playing to AI’s strengths

Yesterday the news broke that retailer Marks & Spencer will be deploying artificial intelligence in its call centres in a bid to modernise its infrastructure and handle a greater volume of incoming calls.


A review of Sweaty Betty’s new mobile-optimised site

Sweaty Betty first started in 1998, at a time when sportswear for women was a rather niche category within retail.

Now, athleisure has grown to a two billion-dollar industry, with brands of all kinds launching their own sportswear ranges.


How Debenhams is aiming to enhance CX with in-store gyms

Another British retailer very nearly bit the dust last week.

Luckily for House of Fraser, the founder of Sports Direct, Mike Ashley, stepped in to buy the retail chain for a reported £90 million just hours after it went into administration.

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How ecommerce businesses are surviving in 2018

It's not easy being an ecommerce business these days.

Customer expectations are rising, margins are razor-thin and all face the threat of Alibaba or Amazon entering their market at a moment's notice.


The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week

This week’s stellar stats roundup includes news about online shopping, short-form ads, CRM, and so much more. Don’t forget to swing by the Internet Statistics Compendium too – it’s well worth a look.

Let’s hop to it, shall we?

echo order

Is voice commerce a flop?

Consumers have embraced voice-based intelligent assistant devices like Amazon's Echo Dot and Google Home smart speakers. In fact, on a global basis, the Echo Dot was one of the two best-selling products on Prime Day last month.

But consumer love for these devices apparently isn't producting a voice commerce boom.

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agatha rymanowska

A day in the life of... SVP Enterprise Operations at Conversant

Agatha Rymanowska works for Conversant, a personalized digital advertising company and the digital media arm of Epsilon.

What does Rymanowska do, is it fun and what skills does she need? That's exactly what we asked...

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How Target is using a mobile app to involve customers in product development

Market research within retail is often done through online surveys or in-depth focus groups. These practices can generate deeper insight into customer preferences, however, they can also be time-consuming and irrelevant by the time it comes to actual product development.

So, what if there was an easier way to gauge what the customer wants?


The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week

Dear reader, I invite you to enjoy this week’s stats roundup with an ice-cold glass of anything refreshing. Or, maybe just go stand next to an open freezer for five minutes and have a little read… You’ve earned it.

We’ve got news about Amazon earnings, influencer bots, customer service preferences and lots more. Don’t forget to give the Internet Statistics Compendium a look-see too.

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What makes a travel website usable on mobile?

According to recent research, travel is the second poorest performing sector for mobile user experience. 

According to iProspect estimates, the travel industry is missing out on £900 million a year in potential revenue due to this poor mobile performance.

SaleCycle has recently conducted some research on increasing online travel bookings, looking at mobile optimisation. All but one of the top 50 travel sites were ‘mobile-friendly’ i.e. they were tailored in some way to a small screen, but good mobile UX goes deeper than that. 

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Optimizing the customer journey: How marketers are overcoming obstacles

Optimizing the customer journey is regularly at the top of the list when we ask marketers about their priorities.

A survey of brand marketers in our recent Digital Intelligence Briefing revealed that more marketers feel that 'optimizing the customer journey across multiple touchpoints' will be 'very important' (71%) than any other initiative on the list.

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