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Announcing E-consultancy's Innovation Awards

Does the internet industry need yet another awards night? After three years of debating this question we've decided that there's a bit of a gap in the market. And this is why we’ve just announced the launch of our Innovation Awards.

Entries are now open for those clients, agencies and suppliers that have been involved in innovative web projects and technologies during the past year. There are 15 categories to choose from.

Judging will be determined by E-consultancy's analysts and a panel of industry experts including Apple, Google, Dyson, BBC, Orange and innocent drinks.

The awards will be announced and presented at London's glitzy Park Lane Hotel on 2nd December.


Site review: Raptr

Raptr, a social network which tracks users' gaming activity on their Xbox, PS3, Wii and PC, has just launched in public beta.


Amongst other things, it lets you know when your friends are gaming, which is a nifty idea. I've signed up to see how it works...


Site review: SkyScanner

Flights search engine Skyscanner recently launched a redesigned version of its site in beta, with the aim of making it smoother and more usable.


There are plenty of travel search engines around, so how does the new Skyscanner measure up? 


Site review: Authonomy

Authonomy, a site from publisher Harper Collins, is a social network which will allow aspiring writers to exhibit their talents online.


Publishers receive too many manuscripts to sift through themselves, and this seems like a good way to sort the wheat from the chaff, so how does it shape up? 


IA: Bottom up meets top down in School of Everything

The innovative School of Everything offers a great chance to learn from others like you. 

But will its combination of user-generated and company-generated navigation help or hinder findability in the long run?


Using PayPal's IPN system

One of the benefits of having your own merchant account is the level of integration that it provides.

A payment gateway enables your customers to pay without leaving your website, and there is almost no limit to the ways that you can build specific functionality related to payments that makes business easier for customers and your business.


Google Chrome: a review

Google Chrome, the first web browser from the search engine giant, was released for download this week in a beta version.

Google Chrome 

Will it be a serious rival for Internet Explorer, Firefox and other browsers though? Here's a run-through of some of its features...


Basic .htaccess tricks for SEO and convenience

If your website is hosted on an Apache web server, .htaccess is a great way to create SEO-friendly URLs, take care of issues that can harm SEO and make your life as a webmaster more convenient.


Six things that annoy me about newspaper websites

Many of the UK's newspaper websites have been redesigned over the past year or so and, in general, most are pretty good.

However, there are still a few annoying features of these sites which can spoil the user experience and could be improved upon.

Here is a selection...


Guardian revamps its blogs

The Guardian has updated its blogs section to bring it in line with the rest of the site, while navigation and comment functionality has also been improved.

Guardian showbiz blog

At first glance, the new design looks pretty good, but we've taken a closer look to find out more...

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Site review: Grooveshark Lite

Online music community Grooveshark has recently introduced Grooveshark Lite, which lets users search for and listen to music on demand.


There are a number of useful music sites out there, so let's see how Grooveshark compares with, Deezer, Imeem and other rivals.... 


Site review: Oasis revamp

Fashion retailer Oasis has just launched a redesigned version of its website, with the stated aim of making the purchasing and checkout process smoother.

Oasis new website

We've had a look through the site to see if Oasis has managed to improve on the previous version...