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Basic .htaccess tricks for SEO and convenience

If your website is hosted on an Apache web server, .htaccess is a great way to create SEO-friendly URLs, take care of issues that can harm SEO and make your life as a webmaster more convenient.


Six things that annoy me about newspaper websites

Many of the UK's newspaper websites have been redesigned over the past year or so and, in general, most are pretty good.

However, there are still a few annoying features of these sites which can spoil the user experience and could be improved upon.

Here is a selection...


Guardian revamps its blogs

The Guardian has updated its blogs section to bring it in line with the rest of the site, while navigation and comment functionality has also been improved.

Guardian showbiz blog

At first glance, the new design looks pretty good, but we've taken a closer look to find out more...

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Site review: Grooveshark Lite

Online music community Grooveshark has recently introduced Grooveshark Lite, which lets users search for and listen to music on demand.


There are a number of useful music sites out there, so let's see how Grooveshark compares with, Deezer, Imeem and other rivals.... 


Site review: Oasis revamp

Fashion retailer Oasis has just launched a redesigned version of its website, with the stated aim of making the purchasing and checkout process smoother.

Oasis new website

We've had a look through the site to see if Oasis has managed to improve on the previous version...


BBC finally experiments with in-text 'links'

The BBC is experimenting with the idea of linking out to external sources from within the body text of its news articles, in a trial which will last for four weeks.

Obviously this is a good idea, though why it has taken a decade for the BBC to roll out a 'trial' is anybody's guess (though it won't have done any harm to The Beeb's own Pagerank).

However, the way it is going about this is, well, a little bit Noddy...


Web optimisation: the ultimate conversion insurance

The days of deploying your site changes to production without first testing functionality and cosmetics are long gone. 

So too will the days of deploying website changes that are not conversion tested. 


Used car search tools... suck!

I have been looking for a used car recently across a selection of manufacturer and third party sites, and it seems there is plenty of room for improvement in the way their search tools work.

Ideally, a search tool should be easy to use, but still allow users to choose between complex features and sort the results effectively.

So how do some of the major car manufacturers perform? 


Q&A: Comet’s Content Manager Robbie Tutt

Electrical retailer Comet has this week introduced a new beta version of its homepage, asking for user feedback on the new design.

We talked to Comet’s Content Manager Robbie Tutt about the thinking behind the new homepage.

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Q&A: Royal Mail's Stephen Mitchell on online customer service

Royal Mail has recently introduced a new online customer service system, 'Ask Sarah', which aims to give customers immediate answers to their queries online.

We talked to Stephen Mitchell, Royal Mail's Digital Operations Manager, about the introduction of the new customer service system and the impressive early results...


Tips on site search box design

While many web shoppers may prefer to browse through a website using the navigational links, the importance of the search tool should not be overlooked.

If shoppers arrive at your site with a clear idea of what they want, then using the search box is the obvious option. This also indicates a clear intent to purchase, so the tool has the potential to convert well.


Does beta mean anything to the average user?

One of the most common words to be found on sites that might be defined as being Web 2.0 is beta.

But does this mean anything to those who don’t work in the tech space and should there be a time-limit on how long a site can remain in beta?