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Data sources that can help optimize the customer experience

Data-driven marketing and customer experience are two of the most prominent trends in digital right now.

So how are they intertwined and how can the former be used to improve the latter?


Three takeaways on data-driven marketing from our Singapore roundtables

I had the pleasure of hosting two roundtables on data-driven marketing at the Econsultancy and IBM BusinessConnect 2015 event in Singapore.

Digital marketers got together and discussed their challenges around undertaking a true data-driven approach to marketing within their organisations.

Three clear concerns kept popping up and they are not unique to the attendees of the event. So it's worthwhile to explore these and look at how they can be overcome.


The five most important announcements for brands and marketers from Facebook's F8 event

Every year, Facebook holds its F8 conference where it makes key announcements and launches new offerings.

This year was one of the biggest yet and dozens of announcements were made.

Here are the five most important for brands and marketers.


12 dumbfounding stats from around the digital world

Not just letting one stat out of the bag, but 12 of the little rascals.

Now gather round to see these brand new internet stats as they slowly open their eyes, yawn, stretch and encounter the great wide world for the very first time.


How are organisations optimising their customer experiences?

If optimising your customer experience isn’t important to you, you are doing something wrong.

That much has been obvious to many a marketer, with organisations worldwide wanting to use the technologies that have shifted power to consumers in their relationship with brands.

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A beginner’s dictionary of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for measuring traffic and the behaviour of that traffic on your site.

You can then derive meaning out of your data, report back accurate ROI to your bosses and help you justify further improvements or strategies.

Best of all it’s completely free. However when you open up Google Analytics for the first time, it’s very easy to be intimidated by its vast array of menus, navigation, graphs, visualisations and language.

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Six personalisation and data-driven marketing trends from Malaysia

Earlier this month Econsultancy and IBM hosted a roundtable event in Kuala Lumpur where delegates were invited to discuss challenges and opportunities around marketing data.

I’ve already written up the main talking points from the marketing performance management table, and now here is a summary of the conversations that took place on the data-driven marketing and personalisation roundtables.

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Marketing performance management in Singapore: key trends and talking points

At Econsultancy and IBM’s BusinessConnect event in Singapore last week I moderated discussions focusing on marketing performance management.

It was one of three roundtables, with the others focusing on personalisation and data-driven marketing.


What are internet consumers most concerned about online?

The latest update to our Internet Statistics Compendium contains another comprehensive collection of key data from across the digital landscape, including primary research from ourselves and partners, as well as third party trends from a wealth of sources.

In recent months, there have been some fascinating stats published concerning security and privacy online from analysts as diverse as Statista, Global Web Index and Center for the Digital Future.


How can NLP technology be used for marketing?

Humans are born with hardwired neural connections for acquiring and understanding language. 

Teaching computers to understand language is one of the grand challenges of artificial intelligence and requires modeling of vocabulary, grammars, and most importantly semantics, or meaning. 

Current approaches to natural language processing (NLP) combine both linguistic or grammatical approaches as well as machine learning techniques. Venture capitalists and private equity firms are positioning NLP as a multi-billion dollar industry. 

In this piece I intend to explore the reasons for the intense interest in this field, and its relevance to marketing. 


Eight key trends from our Bangkok data marketing roundtables

Econsultancy and IBM’s BusinessConnect series of events stopped off in Bangkok last week, giving local marketers the chance to share their experiences in data-driven marketing.

The Thailand conference was sandwiched between similar roundtable events hosted in Malaysia and Singapore.


Three takeaways from the Voice of the Customer roundtable

Whether it's coming from contact centres or social media channels, marketers now have more data on their customers than ever before.

How are they making this data actionable to drive changes in their organisation and what’s driving this focus?