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How to reduce online returns

The Wall Street Journal carried an article last week about the problems consumer electronics etailers are having with returns.

Only 5% of returns were due to defective products and etailers spent $13.8m (£7bn) reselling returned products, so how best to deal with what is clearly a major issue? 

Q&A: Dyscern’s Bill Frischling on online marketplaces

US-based consumer electronics retailer Dyscern is a great case study of how to make serious money on online marketplaces like eBay.

The company, which started up only five years ago, is now sixth in Inc. Magazine’s list of America's fastest growing retailers and is reportedly the most rapidly expanding eBay Powerseller on the other side of the pond.

We spoke to Dyscern COO Bill Frischling about the pros and cons of eBay as an e-commerce channel for merchants, and how the firm is looking to ramp up its European sales.

Q&A: Brian Clifton on Google and web analytics

Brian Clifton is a search and web analytics expert. From 2005, Brian was Google's Head of Web Analytics for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

He recently left Google to become Senior Strategist for Omega Digital Media. We caught up with Brian to ask him about his experiences at Google, his views on web analytics and his new book.

Ten things Thomas Cook can do better online

Booking and researching holidays and flights online has become more and more popular over the last few years. In 2007, the online travel market in the UK was worth £11.2 bn.

Booking a holiday online can be a complicated process, so it's important to make it as easy to use and understand for customers. Many travel websites are frustrating to use, so how does Thomas Cook fare? It's pretty good, but we have nevertheless suggested a few improvements after the jump...

Q&A: Dominic Yacoubian of 247electrical on online fraud

Here, we ask Dominic Yacoubian, MD of 247electrical , about the continuing problem of online fraud, how his company is affected by it and what he feels needs to be done to better combat the problem.

Retailers not taking advantage of trademark bidding

This week has seen the introduction of new rules allowing Google Adwords customers to bid on other peoples trademarks but is anybody doing it?

Initially on Tuesday (the day the policy change was enforced) we saw a large number of adverts for brand name terms but these ads are no longer showing.

Upgrading a website? Four key SEO tips for web design firms

As many web design firms take on the remit of upgrading a client’s website, it is important to integrate best practice SEO techniques into the web design process.

This will ensure that your client both maintains and benefits from the free rankings available in the organic listings of the major search engines.

eBay vs Craigslist: double Web 2.0 standards?

Craigslist is more than just a popular online classifieds service. The bare-bones site created by Craig Newmark represents, to some, the epitome of the New Internet.

It is fueled by a dedicated community and Craig has eschewed the temptation to fully exploit its commercial potential for his personal gain, even going so far as to state "my exit strategy is death".

10 things can do better online

No matter how successful an e-commerce site is, there are often ways in which a site can be improved to maintain its appeal to customers and maximise conversions.

We have looked at M&S, Amazon and Tesco already, now we take a look at Next to see what improvements could be made to their website...

Site review: Snooth

Snooth is a wine review site that previously covered only the US, but recently launched worldwide and now displays information from sellers in 40 countries.


How NOT to handle out of stock items

There are a number of ways for etailers to handle the problem of unavailable items, from not displaying the products at all, or offering customers alternatives.

In last year's Online Retail 2007: Checkout Special report, we advised that customers should not be allowed to begin to purchase items that are out of stock, as this can frustate customers.

Site comparison: Comet v PC World

I've been looking for a new laptop lately and have been doing my research online at a number of sites.

Two of the best known are PC World and Comet, so how do they measure up?