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Zlio targets UK etailers with DIY shop service

French start-up Zlio, which enables site owners to set up their own online stores, is set to launch in the UK today.

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E-commerce sales grew by over 50% last year - IMRG

The UK’s online retailers generated some £46.6bn in sales last year, up 54% on 2006, according to new stats from the IMRG.

However, there were signs that the sector had not escaped the effects of the consumer credit crunch towards the end of the year.


Happy holidays start with great user journeys

Online marketers have long been focused on acquisition and traffic metrics. The key to staying ahead lies in the deployment of more sophisticated tools and techniques to boost income from landed traffic.

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Whistles - a user experience review

Fashion boutique Whistles recently launched a transactional website, and we've taken a look from a user experience perspective.

Whistles homepage


Behavioural targeting delivers 600% uplift

Are broad demographics really relevant in the online world? Is customer behaviour far more insightful to delivering your marketing message?

Behavioural information allows you to develop a toolbox of techniques to improve the relevance of your online marketing, delivering for one client a 600% uplift.


Q&A: PayOffline's Steve Berry on etail and trust

With 18% of internet users still thinking it's too risky to shop on the web (source: GetSafeOnline), it’s clear that there's a big opportunity out there if etailers can persuade these wily refuseniks that e-commerce is safe.

One thing that might help them is PayOffline - a system launched in August last year that enables consumers to shop online but pay for their goods at one of 17,000 physical locations around the UK.


Microsoft plans contextual trolley ad system

Microsoft is set to bring contextual advertising to supermarket trolleys through a partnership with retail IT group Mediacart.

The two companies say they will begin testing a system that displays targeted multimedia ads and incentives on cart-mounted screens later this year.

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More great website optimisation tips from Future Now

It is vitally important for etailers to constantly monitor their websites, looking for ways to improve the user experience, with the aim of increasing conversion rates.

With this in mind, the good folks at Future Now have just released a white paper (registration required) with some useful optimisation tips for website owners.


RIP last click wins?

Is it time to say farewell to the old model of assigning all the value to the last click? Many marketers want the ability to measure customers' paths to purchase and understand the influences of each channel on a sale.

It would be a dream to accurately measure the impact of your TV ad on generating uplift in an outdoor campaign, driving interest in your press ad, which subsequently delivers a sale.

But can this now be achieved online?


Ten digital trends to watch out for in 2008

A new year wouldn’t be a new year without a vast number of websites making predictions about the future of the web, and 2008 proves to be no different. From a number of different sources, we have rounded up 10 key trends that we think are the ones to watch out for in 2008. 


Xmas etail stats round-up

Once again, online retailers have had a more successful Christmas than their high street counterparts, with early reports suggesting that internet sales continued to rise rapidly.

According to the British Retail Consortium, UK retailers suffered their worst December for three years.

Here's a round-up of Xmas-related sales figures in the UK and across the Atlantic...


Apple finally cuts iTunes prices in the UK

Apple has said it will reduce the cost of iTunes song downloads in the UK following an EU antitrust investigation.

The long overdue move will see track prices fall from 79p to 67p within the next six months. UK consumers had previously been paying around 10% more than the rest of the EU.