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2010: social media versus email by the numbers

For years, we've heard the claim: email is dead. That's thanks in part, we're told, to the rise of social media, particularly amongst younger internet users who have grown up interacting via social channels.

But is email really dead (or dying)? Yesterday, monitoring company Royal Pingdom posted stats on the internet in 2010, and they detail the growth of both email and social media.


If you had to make a choice, what is the one email you should send?

If you could only send one more marketing email, what type of email would it be?

Would it be acquisition? Retention? A bit of cross selling perhaps? Let’s face it, the options are almost endless! If you’re like me, you probably want it to be the one that makes the most money.


Is RFM segmentation relevant for email marketers?

RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary value) segmentation is one of the most tried and tested methods of segmentation used in direct marketing. It is based on the presumption that someone’s future actions are best predicted by their past ones.

So how can this popular method of segmentation be used in today’s data rich world, can it help answer the 64 million dollar question in email marketing: who do I send what to and when do I send it?


Announcing the Econsultancy Innovation Awards 2010 shortlist

Ah, December. For many media folks it is a month of fat lunches and the parties. It used to be like that for me too, until we launched our Innovation Awards a couple of years ago. 

Since then December has turned into a month of hardcore reading. Our in-house judging panel (me, CEO Ashley Friedlein and Research Director Linus Gregoriadis) spent the majority of the month poring over the 350+ entries, checking out sites and apps, and generally trying to make sense of things.

Last year was a great year for innovation, based on what we read. There are some amazing things going on in our industry. 


The year in email marketing: the experts' view

I've been asking some of our email marketing guest bloggers about what they see as the major trends in 2010, and their predictions for email in 2011... 

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Econsultancy's top 25 guest posts of 2010

Following on from the top 25 blog posts of 2010 list, I've been looking at the most popular articles written by our guest bloggers this year. 

As with the previous list, these are ranked by number of page views, and some excellent tips and advice on SEO, e-commerce, email marketing and more

A big thank you to all our guest bloggers...

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Econsultancy's top 25 blog posts of 2010

Since we've nearly reached the end of the year, I've compiled a list of Econsultancy's top blog posts of 2010, ranked (roughly) by number of page views. 


A New Year’s diet for overstuffed Christmas inboxes

UK marketers’ number one New Year’s Resolution must be to improve the email experience they offer their subscribers.

People are simply being force-fed too much email, which is typified by the sheer volume of emails sent during the festive period, consisting of sales and promotional emails that are mostly one-dimensional, monotonous and repetitive.


Five lessons from the Gawker, McDonald's data breaches

What does online gossip rag Gawker have in common with fast food restaurant chain McDonald's? In the past several days, both have fallen victim to hackers who gained access to user databases.

The Gawker hack, in particular, has garnered a lot of attention because the hackers seem most interested in humiliating the popular blog. They have released the emails and passwords of more than 1m of Gakwer's registered users.

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Econsultancy announces Red Friday: sell our stuff and win £10,000!

REd-Friday-win-10000Over the past ten years, Econsultancy has witnessed a lot of changes both on and offline.

From humble beginnings we’ve grown to become a community of almost 100,000 marketers, and seen digital marketing evolve beyond recognition, the rise of Google, Facebook and Twitter, along with the birth and development of entirely new industries like SEO, social media and m-commerce have changed the face of marketing over the past decade.

There’s no denying a lot’s changed, but there are a few things that remain the same year after year.

Take for example, the relentless commercialisation of the holiday season!

Every year we see tinsel in stores in July, Turkeys for sale in August and New Year sales that begin before the last one has ended, and frankly, we’re all for it! Who doesn’t need a bit of extra cash at this time of year? We certainly do!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday both saw record figures this year, so we’ve decided to leap on the bandwagon and introduce another red-letter date for your diary. We want you to join us over the next week as we celebrate ten years of the Big Red Dot - so we're offering our members the chance to win £10,000 on Red Friday!


A new kind of email metric

I’m often saying marketers are bombarded by too many statistics and metrics in the digital age and have a challenge to make sense of them all.  But there is a new tracking measurement on the email marketing block which I think we should all be sitting up and taking notice of.

Standard email metrics are all about delivery, opens and clicks; but the next generation of email metrics take opens a step further - measuring how long someone is reading the email to help quantify engagement. 


Hey, Qantas: business basics come before social media

In April 2009 I flew to Australia with Qantas, a brand I’d always heard good things about. I’ll spare you the details but the long flight sucked. 

So I decided to write to customer services to issue a light complaint, in the hope for a bit of love on the return leg. 

I contacted Qantas via a form on its website, while logged in to my frequent flyer account. An auto-response email was promptly fired back at me. Some 18 months later I’m still waiting for a proper reply!