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51 essential link building tips

I’ve been fortunate enough to write over 275 blog posts across a variety of different SEO blogs, some have been successful, others have had more a lead balloon vibe. Often you have no idea beforehand which ones are going to work. 

But one pattern I’ve been able to discern is people love in-depth blog posts. So inspired by great posts, like Aaron Wall and Glen at Viperchill’s long-form posts, I wanted to produce my link building opus of as many ways I could think to build links for here on Econsultancy.

So below are some of my top tips that cover off pretty much every way you can go about building links...


Google releases Gmail’s priority inbox secrets

The secret's out (in a small way) and Google is happily sharing a top line look at the processes and algorithms that go together to make up what the company describes as “One of the largest and most user facing applications of ML (machine learning) at Google”, namely the Priority Inbox.

So how can we use this knowledge to ensure better inbox placement in Gmail? And is this news to us anyway? 


Five profit-boosting techniques for affiliates

Being an affiliate can be extremely rewarding, but it's often not easy. There's a lot of competition, and depending on where you live, tax legisltation is a clear and present danger.

As with any business, being a successful affiliate means being smart about how you manage and maximize the bottom line. Here are five techniques for doing just that.


Introduction to DDG and digital sales & marketing for SME/SMBs

This is an introductory article for small to medium businesses who are either behind the digital sales and marketing curve, or who are dabbling with digital tactics for either branding or lead generation purposes. 

The focus of this article is 'Digital Demand Generation' (DDG), a discipline that combines a custom combination of digital tactics for lead generation (traffic), and an implementation of a marketing automation tool to manage lead progression through the funnel towards a closed sale. 

This discipline is now emerging as Revenue Performance Management (RPM) and was originally termed Marketing Automation. Regardless of title, progressive organisations can make significant strides forward with DDG  by increasing their number of leads, number of sales qualified conversions and reduction of the sales cycle in terms of time and expense. 

Using digital marketing tactics, marketing automation tools and the latest best practices can result in a tremendous revenue growth opportunity for SMEs, but be sure to consider the suitability of DDG for your business.


When will the "death of email" die?

Email is dying, again. If you didn't know this, you must have been waiting for the email.

According to comScore, usage of web-based email plummeted again last year, and that means that the "email is dying" crowd is out in full force, once again promoting the notion that the mobile phone and social media are making email irrelevant.


Amazon SES: let Amazon's cloud send your emails

Consumers may know Amazon as one of the internet's most dominant ecommerce brand, but over the years, Amazon has also built a formidable profile as a provider of cloud computing services.

Yesterday, Amazon announced that its cloud is growing to cover email with the launch of a new bulk email delivery service called Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).

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Customer service: closing the loop shouldn’t mean knotting the noose

Customer service in the UK has become a vicious circle of frustration for consumers, brands and the middle-men of marketing services alike.

In fact, it’s not just a problem for the Brits, things aren’t much better back home in Australia. The issue has now extended way beyond store walls thanks to the multichannel shopping environment we live in today.

As I'll explain in this post, closing the gap between smooth sales processes and customer satisfaction starts with targeted and relevant communications.


How online marketers can adapt to the weather

The weather in 2010 made front-page news across much of the planet. Washington's storms caused power outages, NYC endured insufferable heat, and the UK was brought to its knees by snow.

With retailers reflecting on their 2010 performance, the effect of the weather on online sales and how marketers can respond is worthy of investigation.


2010: social media versus email by the numbers

For years, we've heard the claim: email is dead. That's thanks in part, we're told, to the rise of social media, particularly amongst younger internet users who have grown up interacting via social channels.

But is email really dead (or dying)? Yesterday, monitoring company Royal Pingdom posted stats on the internet in 2010, and they detail the growth of both email and social media.


If you had to make a choice, what is the one email you should send?

If you could only send one more marketing email, what type of email would it be?

Would it be acquisition? Retention? A bit of cross selling perhaps? Let’s face it, the options are almost endless! If you’re like me, you probably want it to be the one that makes the most money.


Is RFM segmentation relevant for email marketers?

RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary value) segmentation is one of the most tried and tested methods of segmentation used in direct marketing. It is based on the presumption that someone’s future actions are best predicted by their past ones.

So how can this popular method of segmentation be used in today’s data rich world, can it help answer the 64 million dollar question in email marketing: who do I send what to and when do I send it?


Announcing the Econsultancy Innovation Awards 2010 shortlist

Ah, December. For many media folks it is a month of fat lunches and the parties. It used to be like that for me too, until we launched our Innovation Awards a couple of years ago. 

Since then December has turned into a month of hardcore reading. Our in-house judging panel (me, CEO Ashley Friedlein and Research Director Linus Gregoriadis) spent the majority of the month poring over the 350+ entries, checking out sites and apps, and generally trying to make sense of things.

Last year was a great year for innovation, based on what we read. There are some amazing things going on in our industry.