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Eniko Tarkany-Szucs

A day in the life of... solutions consultant at Sprinklr

This week we spend a day in the life of Eniko Tarkany-Szucs, solutions consultant at Sprinklr, provider of enterprise social media management software.

If you're looking for a new role yourself, see the Econsultancy jobs board, or take our Modern Marketer quiz.


Has WeChat beaten Facebook to the enterprise?

Social media in the workplace has not been terribly successful.

Most professionals in Western countries have LinkedIn accounts, but for many it has become more of a job-hunting service than a work-based social network. And no other platform has even gotten close.

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Five things to know about the possible Twitter subscription service

It only took eight some-odd years, but faced with stiff competition that has dented user growth and monetization, Twitter is finally considering a paid subscription offering.

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Novartis launches a social network for heart failure

When pharma giant Novartis first started marketing Entresto, a heart failure drug, it found itself facing criticism from cardiologists and consumers who felt the company's direct-to-consumer ads were far too negative.

But following that criticism, Novartis has taken a much different approach to promoting Entresto.


Social selling: What it is, and what it definitely isn't

When running a quick search for the #SocialSelling hashtag through any social media listening tool, the amount of data you get in return is quite overwhelming.

According to TweetReach, during the three hours before I wrote this article, #SocialSelling gathered more than 800,000 impressions on Twitter.


Three social media lessons from Asia-Pacific travel sites

Most brands struggle with social media. Coming up with eye-catching content day after day is quite difficult.

Many marketers, however, are tasked with doing just that and need a constant flow of new ideas about 'what works now'.


Is LinkedIn still useful for marketing in Asia-Pacific?

LinkedIn is facing criticism as network full of useless updates, spam, and link requests from strangers.

Is it still a good place to reach customers in Asia-Pacific?


How employee advocacy can strengthen your communications

Thanks to social media, the reach of a company’s internal and external communications span much further than they used to.


What can brands learn from automotive website trends?

There's a powerful combination of emotion and risk in choosing your next car, which means that any best practices we've learnt could be applied to every product and service sector. 


Wimbledon and brand marketing: serving up a match made in heaven

To make the most of Wimbledon’s drama, this year brands applied new rules to their tennis inspired marketing efforts. 

Here some examples from brands like Jaguar, Robinsons, Stella Artois, Evian and Paddy Power.


Can sales teams afford to miss the social amplification opportunity?

When employees share company’s news with all their connections, brands reach a much broader audience than what they’d otherwise do.


How cinemagraphs are helping brands break away from static content

To keep eyes fixated on their content, brands are using the simple sophistication of cinemagraphs in pursuit of creating snackable formats that really stand out.

Whether it’s for email, website, or social media, cinemagraphs are increasingly on show on our screens.