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How social are you? Five steps to the perfect social strategy

I have a firm belief that in five to ten years time, we’ll no longer refer to media as ‘social’. That’s because everything we do will be social by its very nature.

We’re already seeing social functionality dominate much of what we do online, from shopping, consuming news to listening to music. But how equipped are brands to cope with this uber social future?


What can we learn from @ShippamsPaste?

The @ShippamsPaste Twitter feed may have been a (very funny) fake, but there's much it can teach us about how social-media marketing should be. 

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Thoughts on a CIPR/PRCA merger

I always have, and always will be, a champion for PR.

Good PR mind you, PR that is well considered, properly planned, measured and that’s designed to integrate with the broader marketing mix.

But today, I have a problem. It’s that last bit, the bit about PR needing to play well with others that’s giving me grief.