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SEO Wars: Alt Battles

There is no such thing as the 'alt tag' in HTML. There is, however, the alt attribute which is applied to the image tag.

The alt attribute is designed to provide alternative text for an image. I've seen it create wars within marketing departments.


Five free keyword research tools

Identifying relevant key phrases for your marketplace is a crucial starting point for your SEO and PPC marketing.

Here's a selection of some of the best free keyword research tools out there...


Q&A: Livebookings’ David Norris on restaurants and e-marketing

Livebookings Network is a real-time restaurant booking service whose clients include The Ritz, Gordon Ramsay Holdings, La Tasca, Planet Hollywood and Rainforest Café, as well as portals like Time Out London and

It bagged £6.5m in funding in a round led by Balderton Capital earlier this year and is planning to expand its presence in the UK and Europe.

Here, we speak to COO David Norris about which types of restaurants are making the best use of online marketing and what other opportunities are out there for its aggregated reservations model.


Mahalo uses GTA 4 content to boost its traffic

Grand Theft Auto IV was released recently and, predictably, there has been a spike in the number of searches related to the game.

Jason Calacanis' human edited search engine Mahalo is ranking well on Google for a number of terms related to the GTA IV, having designed a comprehensive guide to the game. It proves that a curated approach to the web can pay dividends, in Google terms...


Five online marketing tips for organic stores

Leon Bailey Green gives organic stores five online marketing tips...

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The Web Week in Review: Microsoft Edition

Microsoft was all over the news this week and its CEO was on the move - in more ways than one.

Thus, this week's Web Week in Review is dedicated to the software company everybody loves to hate.


Acquisition 2.0: affiliates & search are not enough

As customers spend less time in all the usual web locales, new marketing practices are needed to capture their attention.

What are they and how can you create them? Here's how you can start. 


Owning search results for your brand name

Negative mentions in search results can be damaging for a brand, potentially discouraging customers from using your company. If someone searches for your brand name in Google, what will the results look like?

For brands such as Sky and Argos, the Google search results look good, with no negative results at all in the first page, even though each company must have had a few unhappy customers at some point.

However, other retailers aren't doing so well...


The Web Week in Review

The economic landscape may not be great but that's not stopping big internet players from making acquisition moves. This week's news was dominated by M&A and M&A-related items.


Putting all your eggs in one SEO basket

One of the most common responses tech savvy people make when they find out my job is to get websites higher up the search engine rankings is "Oh, so you have a big network of sites and link use them to promote clients sites".

My answer is and always will be a straight "No".


Powerset opens up search engine to the public

Having kept its technology under wraps for more than a year, 'natural language search engine' Powerset has finally opened up to the public.



Retailers not taking advantage of trademark bidding

This week has seen the introduction of new rules allowing Google Adwords customers to bid on other peoples trademarks but is anybody doing it?

Initially on Tuesday (the day the policy change was enforced) we saw a large number of adverts for brand name terms but these ads are no longer showing.