Ann Summers to relaunch website

There was a vendor-laden line-up of speakers at the Retail Business Show in Olympia today, so the hottest draw was undoubtedly the keynote presentation – the story of Jacqueline Gold, the woman behind Ann Summers.

It was a pity that the good lady didn’t turn up to deliver it...

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Do you make these email marketing mistakes?

Email is still one of the most effective marketing channels for a small business today – it is cheaper, more measurable and can be targeted more effectively than traditional direct mail.

More than half of the respondents to our 2007 Industry Census that tracked their ROI, said that income from email marketing was three times or more than the amount spent , while almost a third said it was five times or more.


Q&A: Pocket-lint’s Stuart Miles talks about online publishing

In the past few years Pocket-lint  has grown to become one the UK's largest gadget sites, and we recently interviewed founder Stuart Miles to talk about his experiences in online publishing...


Site Review: Mydeco is an interior design website which aggregates products from 500 retail partners, including Marks &Spencer, John Lewis, and Argos.


The big CPM squeeze

With vast amounts of inventory available, increased competition and dropping response rates, many publishers are seeing their display advertising CPM rates falling.

The challenge is to offer advertisers increased flexibility and new formats in order to protect margins.


Social Networks - is the novelty wearing off?

The biggest challenge for popular social networks thus far has been finding sustainable ways to turn their massive audiences into massive piles of cash.

That could be the least of their concerns very soon, however.


Link development in 2008

Linkbuilding is one of the more difficult aspects of SEO and something that works for one site might fail dismally for others.

Google doesn't make things easy for business owners as the techniques that work for older sites are different to the techniques that work for new sites.


Ten site search tips

Shoppers using an e-commerce site have two main ways of finding the exact product or service they want – the navigation bar and the search box.

While many sites have great navigation, there are plenty whose search options return some pretty poor results. 

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Facebook's leaked financials reveal leaky business

Kara Swisher reported last Thursday that Facebook spilled the beans on its finances during an all-hands company meeting.

While it is very possible that this was some sort of intentional leak, it's still interesting because it gives an insight into a company that has been given a $15bn valuation by investors such as Microsoft and Li Ka-shing.


Relevance - the silver lining of the spam cloud

It occurred to me recently that we do not give spammers (and in their turn ISPs) enough credit for helping to make email a long-term, credible media.

How so?


What will Microsoft/Yahoo mean to UK search... and Ask?

Last week's $45bn acquisition bid by Microsoft for Yahoo certainly gets you thinking.

I guess many of us saw it coming but, for me at least, not just yet. Now that I’ve stopped kicking myself for not buying shares in Yahoo, it’s time to start envisaging what the impact would be on search marketing, particularly in the UK.


WonderHowTo - an instructional video site

WonderHowTo is a new site that aggregates a wide range of instructional videos from around the web.