Who pays the price for poor usability? For air tickets online it could be you!

Booking flights online can be tricky and mistakes are common due to poor usability.   

Apparently, however, many airlines are unwilling to refund these user errors or learn lessons from them.


Is your search marketing campaign legal any more?

On the 26th of May there was an update to The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations Act.

There's certainly been coverage of the Act on the likes of the BBC but the focus has been on buzz marketing. Search marketing campaigns could be affected as well.


Behavioural email – is it just online ‘ambulance chasing’?

“We are not ambulance chasers, people leave our stores empty handed every day and we don’t feel the need to beg them to come back so why should online be any different?”

If anyone takes the time to read these words, I would love your feedback. RedEye has a series of clients that make a hell of a lot of money and ROI from behaviourally targeted and automated emails.

But we were blown away recently when a prospect said that they would never do trigger emails or basket abandonment work because they perceived it as the e-marketing equivalent of ‘ambulance chasing’!? Ouch!!


Has fallen victim to the demands of a record label?

In a past post, I discussed the fact that record labels are increasingly demanding an "arm and a leg" for the rights to their music catalogs.


Is Bebo really worth eight Virgin Radios?

As Drama 2.0 pointed out recently, AOL is starting to think it may have paid too much for Bebo.

The recent sale of Virgin Radio for 'just' £53m seems to confirm that.


Polar Rose widens beta test

Polar Rose is a Swedish startup that has been developing facial recognition technology for image search since it launched at the end of 2006.

Polar Rose homepage

It has recently updated the look of its image search facility and made the image recognition plugin available for Internet Explorer users, so we've taken a look to see how effective it is...


Affiliate Window and Prezzybox scoop gongs at affiliate awards night

When you throw hundreds of affiliate marketers together for an awards night and lay on plenty of champagne and a top-drawer comedian, then you know it’s going to be a fun night…


Web editors: 5 reasons to love standfirsts

Better search results, higher clickthrough rates, more targeted traffic, improved usability… why every web writer should embrace standfirsts.

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The Web Week in Review - Money Edition

Drama 2.0 has his mind on his money and his money on his mind more than usual lately, so this week's installment of The Web Week in Review is focused on cold hard cash - who's making it and who isn't.


Site review: The Filter

The Filter, Peter Gabriel's new online music, movies and video recommendation service launched this week.

As with, it aims to provide users with recommendations based on their preferences and listening habits, but is it as good?

The Filter 

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Four ways to speed up your landing pages

If your landing pages are taking too long to load up, then potential customers are going to get restless and may choose to click on another link.

This is even more important since Google decided to include landing page load times in its Quality Score criteria earlier this year, meaning that advertisers pay more for poorly performing pages.


Firms failing to send welcome emails

Another survey reveals that many companies are failing to follow email best practice, with 60% of firms missing a trick by not sending welcome messages to subscribers.

According to a new study by ReturnPath, 30% of these companies compounded the problem by failing to make contact with customers for more than a month after they signed up.