Relevance - the silver lining of the spam cloud

It occurred to me recently that we do not give spammers (and in their turn ISPs) enough credit for helping to make email a long-term, credible media.

How so?


What will Microsoft/Yahoo mean to UK search... and Ask?

Last week's $45bn acquisition bid by Microsoft for Yahoo certainly gets you thinking.

I guess many of us saw it coming but, for me at least, not just yet. Now that I’ve stopped kicking myself for not buying shares in Yahoo, it’s time to start envisaging what the impact would be on search marketing, particularly in the UK.


WonderHowTo - an instructional video site

WonderHowTo is a new site that aggregates a wide range of instructional videos from around the web.



Microsoft bids $45bn for Yahoo

It has been rumoured for some time, and now Microsoft has finally made a move by bidding $44.6bn bid for Yahoo.

The cash offer from the software giant values Yahoo at $31 a share, 60% higher than Thursday's closing share price of $19.18. The approach comes after disappointing fourth quarter results for Yahoo, which has recently become a target due to its deteriorating market capitalisation.

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The Web Week in Review

The economy continued to dominate the news this week. The US Federal Reserve took aggressive action to fend off a worsening economic crisis, while Google's disappointing year-end results may have put an end to the myth that everybody's favorite internet company is immune from reality.


10 retailers that don't sell online

Despite the continuing growth of online retail, there are still a surprising number of well-known high street retailers that continue to avoid e-commerce.

As well as missing out on a large and growing market - UK e-commerce sales rose by over 50% last year - these firms are giving their rivals a competitive advantage, while shooting themselves in the foot.


Do you track your Google rankings?

Offering monthly rankings reports has been historically one of the key methods SEO agencies use to prove they are performing well.

But are they worthwhile?


Why Yahoo must launch its Publisher Network internationally

So Yahoo has binned 1,000 employees amid talk of "game-changing" action that it hopes will rekindle its fortunes. The game, in Yahoo’s case, is online advertising.

The thing is, Yahoo doesn’t need to change the game, only to play it properly. Or to at least speed up its moves. Because if you want to see a killer example of tardy gameplay, look no further than its lame – and ongoing – failure to roll out the long-awaited Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) internationally.


Generating ROI from eye-tracking

The web is a tough place to sell services. Results are quite easily measured and people will only buy things that are clearly worth their money.

Can eye-tracking stand that test?


Big Money, Recession and Etsy's $27m

There seems to be an increasing number of large funding rounds taking place in the consumer internet space.

From Slide's $50m to MOLI’s $30m, big money is in play.


Why you should steer clear of social media spamming

A number of services have sprung up over the past year that offer to help websites gain traffic from social media sites such as Digg , StumbleUpon and Reddit .

My advice is to steer well clear of them.


Five areas where opportunity lies in 2008

Apparently some people think I'm a cynical, negative individual. I have no idea how this impression could have been created since I’m usually always laughing and smiling (kind of like Buddha).

The truth is that I do believe there is opportunity on the internet - even in the space called Web 2.0.

The problem is simply that many of the real opportunities are being overlooked by hordes of wannabe entrepreneurs trying to get rich quick copying already-successful services like MySpace, YouTube and Digg.