Go lean to improve on-site performance

Traffic acquisition is a tough game, especially in current times. However, it’s a little easier if you know that you can drive more conversions from the same traffic than your competition can.

This can be achieved by cutting on-site waste.

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Yahoo - smart money has left the building

Yahoo has become the internet's biggest drama queen. But in a worrying sign, it may be losing its ability to deliver that drama.

The company's shareholder meeting on Friday was, as Bob Keefe of Cox News Service put it, "rather ho-hum":

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Data backups - a practical overview

Chances are that if you've worked with computers long enough, you've had the unfortunate experience of losing all of your data due to some sort of malfunction or failure.

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12 PPC landing page tips

Effective landing pages are the key to converting customers through paid search. There is little point in spending money attracting people to your site if your pages aren't doing the job properly.

Taken from our newly updated Paid Search Marketing Best Practice Guide, here are twelve landing pages success factors which should help improve your landigng pages and convert more vistors...


Delicious launches revamped website

Online bookmarking service Delicious has relaunched with an improved version of its site, with improvements including an enhanced search facility.

New Delicious homepage

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The Web Week in Review

This week's news was quite a hodgepodge so without delay, let's end the week with a diverse version of Drama 2.0's The Web Week in Review.


Do you need insurance?

If you are an independent contractor or run an online business, you may never have considered the need to obtain an insurance policy that covers your business activities.

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Is blogging a dead-end profession and business?

It probably isn't a surprise that of the millions of blogs, the vast majority of active ones generate little to no revenue for their authors.

Yet is "professional" blogging, even at the highest levels, any more compelling a business opportunity than blogging at the lowest levels?


Would you buy a diamond ring from this website?

This week's episode of Dragons' Den featured Gloucestershire jeweller Clive Billing asking for a £255,000 investment in his website

diamondgeezer homepage

Billing received an offer from three of the Dragons (the highest ever in the programme's history) but backed away due to the 40% equity the VCs were demanding. See him here via the iPlayer.

Have the Dragons missed out on a golden opportunity? Or has Billing? We have taken a look at the site to find out...


Q&A: Paul Ricard of on-demand music site Deezer

Deezer, based in France, is an on-demand music streaming service, which offers an impressive range of tracks from a mix of major labels and independents.

Deezer - on-demand music

It recently launched in the UK (see our review of the site), and we have been talking to UK Manager Paul Ricard to find out more...


Site review: Google Knol beta

Google Knol, the search engine giant's answer to Wikipedia, launched in public beta last week.

Knol homepageWe've taken a look to see how it measures up to the popular online encyclopedia, and whether it offers any potential SEO benefits...  


Companies learn online communities are often a waste, Deloitte doesn't

Miraculously, I was right - detergent is detergent and consumers aren't interested in forming a community around the stains their detergent removes.