Free tool users 'miss point of analytics'

Organisations using free analytics solutions like Google Analytics and Microsoft’s upcoming ‘Project Gatineau’ are less likely to follow best practices, according to a report by Web Analytics Demystified.

The consultancy found companies using free software were more likely to treat analytics as a “casual endeavour”, with 35% of respondents using free solutions reporting only ad hoc use of the tools.


Interview with Seedcamp founder Saul Klein

We recently reported on the launch of Seedcamp, a VC-backed project that will provide a shot in the arm to Europe's technology startups. I caught up with Seedcamp founder Saul Klein to find out more...


Why the Xbox isn't doomed (it really isn't)

James at GigaOm has written a post today in which he predicts that Microsoft's Xbox is doomed, mainly as a result of the Wii's success and the various 'red ring of death' issues which have affected many of the consoles.

However, we reckon James is being a little hasty in his judgement, and is not seeing the bigger picture.

While the failure rate of Xbox consoles - as much as 33% by some estimates - is hardly a great advert for the Xbox, it hasn't been enough to dent the console's popularity beyond repair, and Microsoft has built up an enviable position, both in terms of market share and in securing an installed base of millions for future multmedia plays.


Details of Microsoft's new web analytics tool leaked

Microsoft is set to release a beta version of its web analytics tool this summer, and sneak previews of the Google Analytics competitor have already leaked onto the internet.


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Interview: E.ON UK’s Paul Squires on multi-lingual content

Are you catering for the thousands of people in the UK whose first language isn't English? If not, you might be missing a trick.

Here, we speak to E.ON UK new media manager Paul Squires about its multi-lingual content strategy and the potential boost it can give to customer service and sales.


Search engine iRazoo launches

A group of US entrepreneurs has launched iRazoo this week, a search engine which uses recommendations from searchers to improve results and rewards them with points.



Facebook widgets driving traffic to sites

Internet ratings site Quantcast has provided more evidence of what it calls the 'Facebook effect', with stats showing that Facebook widgets are helping to boost traffic to sites that have produced widgets for the social network.

Quantcast reports (via VentureBeat) that some widget producers' sites have seen dramatic increases in traffic for three of the most popular widgets on Facebook, HotorNot, Slide and RockYou.


Premium TV bought by US investors

Digital content provider Premium TV has been bought by Access Industries, the US group behind pay TV service TopUpTV.

The deal, reckoned to be worth around £25m, will see Access picking up Premium TV’s portfolio of over 150 websites and 50 mobile sites. 


Tips on producing a shopping comparison feed

The importance of the shopping comparison market is growing, as these sites can generate millions of pounds for retailers. So let's take a look at what you need to consider when creating your product feeds.

First, the big numbers. Shopping comparison engines made between £120m and £140m in UK revenue in 2005. In some sectors, such as consumer electronics, they can drive more than 30% of sales.

It is therefore hugely important to optimise your feed...


US VC investment hits six year high

Venture capitalists in the US invested more in Q2 2007 than in any period since 2001, with Web 2.0 startups receiving much of the cash.

The FT reports that investment in information services companies, which includes IT-based services as well as Web 2.0 startups, reached $979m (£476m) in the second quarter of the year.


Rapper sues over internet ad

Online ad firm Traffix is being sued by 50 Cent over a promotional game called Shoot the Rapper.

The musician, himself a shooting victim, alleges that the game illegally uses his image and encourages users to target him.


AJAX and accessibility - Jaws to the rescue?

RIAs like Ajax often have an accessibility weak spot since they need to work with JavaScript off to meet the basic accessibility guidelines.

Rumour has it that the next version of the popular screen reader Jaws may be able to handle Ajax interfaces.