Microsoft 'to release' adCenter update

Microsoft will roll out a new version of its adCenter search marketing system in around a month, according to one paid search professional claiming inside knowledge.


Google's local search battle cry

Local is getting hotter by the day. More people are using search to find local businesses, and the Kelsey Group seems to report on a new potential value ($31.1bn in 2010) of the local search industry each week.

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Interview: Jay Bregman, CTO of eCourier

Jay Bregman  is one of the founders of eCourier, a hi-tech start-up targeting London's often-inefficient courier industry. It cuts costs by supporting online orders and tracking, as well as using software to automatically match couriers and customers.

We spoke to Jay about eCourier's benefits for online retailers - including potentially offering lower-cost same-day delivery.


Airline launches women-only site

In a move designed to woo more female flyers, American Airlines has launched a new website section for women only.

Women Travelers Connected offers tips on safety, information from fellow travellers and advice on saving travel time.


London attracts record overseas tech investment

London attracted a record number of investments from Silicon Valley IT firms last year, according to new data.

Think London, the agency responsible for promoting the capital to overseas investors, said 2006 saw 250 such investments, up 40% on the previous year - and technology is largely responsible.


Remarketing: the most obvious way to increase ROI?

As April arrives, it is always accompanied by the first warm weather of spring and a number of bank holidays.

As the rays of sunshine creep through, the office is looking slightly more empty than normal as people take extended weekends, and this led me to think about ways that email marketers can be more efficient in their promotions, and enjoy their bank holidays more.


Are estate agents doomed?

Our family has spent the last few weeks moving house, and two things became clear to us throughout the whole process – how important the internet is in marketing your property, and what a totally noisome experience it is to deal with most estate agents.  

Although neither conclusion is newsworthy, it got me wondering whether Freakonomics is right and that the current industry model is set for annihilation at the hands of the web…


Web retailers cause wilfing

Shopping, news and travel sites are among the most likely to benefit from aimless web surfing or ‘wilfing’, according to a new survey.

Commissioned by, the study found UK internet users spend an average of two days a month browsing the web without any real purpose.


Why to be great at PPC you have to be good at SEO

Google’s Quality Score is forcing paid search advertisers to adopt joined up thinking in PPC campaigns, writes Andrew Girdwood.

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Video game ads 'to double' in four years

Revenue in video game advertising will almost double in the next four years, becoming a £1bn business by 2011, according to a new report.

eMarketer forecasts the worldwide business will balloon from its 2007 value of £500m as game developers look for new ways to monetise increasingly expensive game production processes.


BT cuts wholesale broadband prices

ADSL broadband costs could be about to fall in the UK after BT announced price reductions to its wholesale connectivity offerings.

From May 1, the telecom giant will cut the price per line charged to internet service providers from £8.40 to £7.63, a 9% reduction.


Blogosphere still growing - Technorati

Technorati has released its 'State of the Live Web' report, which is the new name for its 'State of the Blogosphere' report.

The figures indicate that the blogosphere is still growing, with Technorati now tracking over 70m blogs worldwide, up from around 57m at the time of the last report in November 2006.