Irish tech etailer targets US

The last few months have seen a number of excess inventory retailers announcing plans to expand from the US into Europe, as they search for new clients and buyers.

However, Luzern Solutions, a Dublin-based firm that sells such goods via eBay, Amazon and ther online marketplaces, is looking to take them on on their own turf by heading over to the US.

The company's head of marketing Jackie Brannigan tells us how the web is shaping up as an overstock sales channel, and one that many manufacturers and retailers are still to exploit fully.


Jargon I'd like to ban: Seeding

It seems like a hundred years ago when a client first asked me: "What's Usenet and should we be seeding it?"

I don't know who they had been speaking to but whoever it was should be locked away in a room with angry toddlers.

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Why VCs invest in stupid companies

I'm often highly critical of VCs and the investments they make. After all, there is no shortage of funding announcements that make you go "huh?"


Six conference call services

In today's globalized economy, with more business being conducted across different timezones, like me you've probably noticed that the number of conference calls you need to engage in has increased dramatically.

This is simply because you frequently have to interact with people in different geographic locations.


Seedcamp CEO plans fund for internet startups

Tech startups across Europe are currently preparing their entries for Seedcamp 2008, the annual contest that offers five or so winners the chance to secure early stage funding and advice from a panel of expert VCs (in return for a chunk of equity).

But any not making it may not have to wait for another twelve months to get their hands on the organisation’s cash.


The Web Week in Review

Given my posts on Viacom's $1bn Google/YouTube lawsuit, it's no surprise that I was in a legal state of mind this week and that the news that caught my attention typically had some legal aspect to it.

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My security 'set-up'

As a consultant, I store a lot of sensitive data about my clients.

From website passwords to confidential business documents, my desktop computers and laptops contain data that could be damaging to my clients if it got in the hands of the wrong people.


Site review: Deezer - free on-demand music

Formerly known as, Deezer offers free, on-demand music from record labels, including Universal, Warner and Sony BMG.


Already popular in France, it has recently launched a version of its service in the UK. We have been taking a look... 


Scoble freaks out over negative comments

Robert Scoble, the blogosphere’s historical cheerleader extraordinaire, seems to be in a bit of a state.

He’s published an overview of all the things he considers wrong with tech blogging, a list that includes negative reader comments, conflicts of interest, a lack of focus on writing follow-up articles, and so on. Poor chap: he’s quite the grump.

Scoble might be right about a number of things, but he’s got it a little bit wrong when it comes to ‘negative comments’. He blames, among other things, the various tools employed to stop spam, claiming these hurdles prevent mass interaction. There’s a bit more to it than that...

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How Google could lose the Viacom/YouTube lawsuit - Part II

In Part I of this two-part series addressing the Viacom/YouTube lawsuit, I detailed why I think there's a reasonable likelihood that Google will be found liable for direct, contributory, and vicarious copyright infringement.


Is the downturn leading to greater use of e-commerce?

Evidence suggests that as more people are feeling the pinch of higher fuel and household bills, they are seeking savings online. 

Could greater use of e-commerce be a silver lining to the cloud of the Credit Crunch?


Q&A: Barak Rabinowitz of Amuso

Amuso is a new website, which allows people to create their own online gameshows and invite others to participate.

We talked to the firm's COO Barak Rabinowitz about the site's plans, as well as interest from brands in sponsoring customised contests.