Q&A: Mia Woodford of charity auction site Buy Once Give Twice

Buy Once Give Twice is a charity auction site which sells items that have been left uncollected from charity balls and other functions.

After noticing that many items from charity auctions went unredeemed, Mia Woodford and Emma Leschallas launched Buy Once Give Twice in April this year.

We talked to co-founder Mia Woodford about the website...


Domain name tools for brainstormers

Choosing a domain name these days for a new web venture or microsite is an activity filed somewhere between painful and truly horrendous. So what tools can you use to minimise headaches and the time spent on finding a domain name?

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E-commerce delivery options - five key tips

Delivery charges and options are important factors in many customers' decisions to buy online. If delivery costs are too high, or flexible options are unavailable, then people may look elsewhere.

Here are a few tips for retailers to make their delivery charges and options more attractive to customers...


Understatement of the Year: AOL "may have overpaid" for Bebo

We have a winner for Drama 2.0's Understatement of the Year Award.


The Web Week in Review

The news that captured my attention this week took a big media slant...


10 things Currys can do better online

Currys has been in the news recently with DSG International announcing the closure of 77 UK stores, a reflection of the ongoing shift in consumer buying trends as more shoppers buy electronics products via the internet.

With this in mind, the Currys website will become even more important as a revenue channel. We have taken a good look at it to see how it fares and what improvements - if any - could be made...



Site review: revamp

Bookseller Borders has launched a revamped version of its US site, with a new UK version to follow soon.

We've taken a look  to see how it measures up from a user experience perspective...


The problem with 'conversational marketing'

With the advent of social media, the concept of 'conversational marketing' has taken on new life.

Being part of the 'conversation' is now pitched as a necessity for brands. Some go so far as to encourage brands to build 'friendships' with consumers.


Q&A: Jeff Molander on affiliate marketing

Jeff Molander is the CEO of Molander & Associates, which provides strategic guidance to entrepreneurs, private and institutional investors, agencies, multi-channel retailers and service marketers.

We asked him a few questions about the thorny issue of cannibalisation of sales by affiliate marketing and what retailers can do to solve it.


VC: European media companies need to buy more of my startups

Saul Klein, a partner at Index Ventures, one of Europe's largest venture capital firms, has some shocking advice for European media companies.

They need to buy more of the startups that VC firms like his have backed.


Five online marketing tips for organic stores

Leon Bailey Green gives organic stores five online marketing tips...

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Battle of the research firms: eMarketer vs. Forrester

In my recent post about the credibility of research firms, I noted that predictions and projections often differ greatly from firm to firm.