How to launch a new website - design & creation

Launching a new website is a daunting prospect, so this week we have a four part series guiding you through the pitfalls and best practice strategies to make your new project a success.



Ten ways to improve your conversion rates

There are many factors that can affect a website's conversion rate, from obvious, common sense problems to issues that require more detailed analysis.  

Sometimes little things can make a big difference - we present ten tips to up your conversion rates:


The Web Week in Review - Special Google Edition

The Cruel Drama 2.0 says "there's nothing quite like kicking a company when it's down," so with this week's Review, I thought I'd do something different by adding insult to all the injury Google suffered this week.

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Mainstream media fails to understand paid search

Those of you who read The Times , Guardian , FT or the Telegraph this week probably heard about the campaign against Marks & Spencer by Britain's biggest union, Unite.

Anybody who knows about internet marketing probably wondered why a story about somebody using Google Adwords to bid on a brand name was such big news, myself included.


LinkedIn gets a new homepage

Professional social network LinkedIn has launched a series of changes to its homepage and added a new system of navigation.

LinkedIn homepage


'quarterlife' may have no more life

quarterlife, the online video series that debuted on MySpace and became the first to be picked up by a TV network, made its TV premiere on NBC on Tuesday.

But it did not produce the type of history its creators and NBC were hoping for - according to Returers, the premiere "marked the network's worst time-period performance in at least 17 years and has thrown the show's fate into imminent jeopardy."


A test: Is your company paying lip service to customer experience?

From reading the business press it would be fair to assume that customer experience is high on the agenda of many business executives. 

But is that really the case or are too many senior managers just talking the talk and not walking the walk? Is your company one of those that is just paying lip service? 

Read on to see if your company passes this tongue in cheek test.


WAA president Richard Foley on the skills shortage

Last month, the Web Analytics Association (WAA) released a global survey showing that seven in ten companies were planning to increase their spending on web analytics this year.

We asked WAA president Richard Foley a few questions about where that cash is likely to go at a time when companies are struggling to recruit experienced analytics staff.

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BBC launches new Web 2.0 homepage

The BBC today launched the new drag and drop-tastic version of its homepage, packed with Web 2.0 features and the ability to customise content.

New BBC homepage


Why SEO is expensive

Last week I was discussing SEO with a small business owner who thought that the £60 a month he paid for optimising his website was expensive.

When I explained that a lot of companies (mine included) charge £500 - £1000 per day for consulting he came to the conclusion that his £60 per month was quite reasonable.

The issue is that some businesses still don't regard internet marketing as a professional activity in the same way as financial or legal advice.


Google loses clicks, Microsoft adds engagement

The week is already off to an interesting start for the online advertising industry.

According to a report issued Monday by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers, internet advertising revenues hit an estimated $21.1bn in the United States last year.

And according to a study published by research firm The Kelsey Group, global internet advertising revenues in 2007 were $45bn. Both represent notable increases from 2006 figures.


Common but pointless SEO tactics

While sorting through some comment spam today I found that one UK printing company had been dropping spam comments on my blog.

This sort of behaviour always strikes me as strange because surely any SEO company knows that links from blog comments are worthless?