Email Marketing: Making Bacn not Spam

Dela Quist looks at why 40% of subscribers to an email database may not open a single message they are sent for six months or more.

He says this is not necessarily a bad thing as they are ‘unemotionally subscribed’ – they still want to receive messages from you but are not in a position to take up your offer today.


Data disaster: why brands should take note

Michael Weston takes a look at why the child benefit data scandal matters to digital marketers.


Buy it now buttons 'increase affiliate conversions'

Bloggers can increase conversion rates for affiliate sales by using simple ‘buy it now’ buttons to product-related posts.

This tip comes from Al at the Self Made Minds blog (via ProBlogger) – he says he has managed to increase conversions by up to 100% by adding an Amazon-style ‘Buy Now’ button to his affiliate pages.


ZenithOptimedia - web ad spend to hit 20% in UK

The head of media buying group ZenithOptimedia is expected to give a rosy outlook on digital ad spending at the UBS annual media conference in New York today.

Chief exec Steve King will tell the gathering that he expects the web to become the world’s third largest ad medium by 2010, behind only newspapers and TV, according to The Times.


Zopa set for US launch

P2P lending site Zopa is set to launch in the US this week, where it will compete with firms like Prosper and CircleLending, recently rebranded as Virgin Money USA.

Zopa's US version will differ from its UK site as investors will have their funds 'federally insured', instead of spreading their risk by loaning small amounts to multiple borrowers. 

This guarantee, the firm hopes, will allow it to attract capital quickly as it is not something competing P2P sites currently offer.


Mobile takes the web back to the 90s

With mobile phone penetration significantly higher than PC ownership, why has mobile internet yet still to take off?

While many predict that mobile internet is set to explode, could its simplicity also be its biggest failing?


New scheme aims to increase consumer trust

A new scheme to provide shoppers with more information about web retailers and help them avoid online scams is set to be launched on Monday.

Developed by the Trading Standards Institute's European Consumer Centre (ECC), the tool aims to address issues such as non-delivery goods by allowing consumers to check sites’ reputation and ownership details.


Threshers reverts to viral discount tactic for Xmas

Drinks seller Thresher Group has reverted to last year’s highly successful discount tactic in a bid to boost Xmas sales of wine and champagne.

A similar 40%-off offer – which the company claimed was a costly error twelve months ago, but was actually a highly sneaky viral marketing trick – is now being promoted on its website.


Online review authenticity - do we really have a problem?

Sam Decker, Chief Marketing Officer at Bazaarvoice, sorts the hype from the facts.


Tips on email deliverability

Justin at Palmer Web Marketing has compiled a handy list of tips on improving email deliverability  - an ongoing challenge for marketers, especially as webmail providers introduce new filtering systems and consumers become more inclined to hit the 'spam' button. 

Here's a selection....


Web analytics play central role in customer engagement

Web analytics and measurement are playing an increasingly pivotal role as marketers strive to deliver the best possible customer experience, according to two pieces of research published by E-consultancy this month.


PDFs to get contextual ads

Yahoo! has agreed a deal with Adobe to serve contextual text ads in PDF documents.

The deal offers publishers an opportunity to monetise their PDF files and could provide a sizeable new audience for advertisers - Adobe claims that 90% of PCs have one of its readers.