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More money for Jobster

There’s an interesting post on TechCrunch on Jobster and the amount of investment it’s recently received ($18 million if you’re wondering, with a total of almost $50 million), which raises some really interesting questions about Web 2.0, Bubble 2.0, the UK and whether bootstrapping really is the way to go.


Why are you using Web 2.0 technologies?

I've been working on a project lately where there are elements of Web 2.0 (specifically Ajax stuff)  that keep being raised, almost without thought for form or function.

The end result is that I've forced the client in question to seriously consider why they want to do something, and what the benefit to the end user is. Of course, this adds caution to future thinking!


Surge in blog statistics as medium goes exponential

The progression of blogging past the tipping point and into the mainstream was described recently in a post by Gareth Knight.

The omnipresence of blogs is further evident from figures recently released by comScore, and reported by eMarketer, which say that US blog traffic has grown by 56% over the past year to 58.7 million visitors.

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The 12 fundamentals of e-commerce

We are often asked about the fundamentals of e-commerce: how do you build an online retail store, what do customers need to see, what does Google look for, how can you increase conversion rates?

I have compiled a list of the 12 fundamentals that you can put in place to enhance an existing online store or plan a new one...

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Click fraud on the rise, according to Click Forensics study

Click fraud remains a growing problem for search engines and online advertisers, according to a study by US-based consultancy Click Forensics.

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Sky launches broadband, triple play services

BSkyB has announced plans to roll out a broadband service, to be bundled alongside its pay-TV and newly relaunched ‘Sky Talk’ telephone service. Triple play, baby!


FeedBurner acquires BlogBeat

FeedBurner has acquired the blog analytics provider BlogBeat in an interesting move which can only be described as good news for users.


BetonSports charged by US Justice Department

Trouble ahead for the online gaming industry after reports that the US Justice Department has charged BetonSports and three other companies with racketeering, conspiracy and fraud.

AIM-listed BetonSports suspended shares just before 8am this morning, pending an announcement, while AFX is reporting that "the indictment seeks forfeiture of 4.5 bln usd from Kaplan and the co-defendents, as well as various properties", which would spell more trouble for BetonSports investors (shares fell by almost 20% yesterday).


The symbiosis of brand trust and optimised on-site search

We recently analysed the major factors that influence our visitors to subscribe.  The results? The surest sign of a subscriber-to-be was one who used our site search box. So naturally we’re looking into improving it, but that's not actually relevant here. Far more important here is getting more people to use it in the first place.

People aren’t search-shy, we know this from Google’s original search-box-only interface. According to DoubleClick, less than 20% use on-site search (the actual figure varies by sector, of course). So looks like the majority of visitors are finding just what they want right away, right? Much more likely, they don’t trust the onsite search box. Aha.


Diggnation – Digg relaunches and widens potential appeal

If you’re a user of Digg, you should know that it recently redesigned and relaunched its website. This in itself is not that interesting since we always knew that was coming soon – however, what is interesting is that new categories have been added which make the site more useful to a wider audience.


BetonSports' CEO detained by US Feds

The online gaming sector is reeling this morning after BetonSports CEO David Carruthers was seized by The Feds in the US, while waiting to transfer onto an aircraft destined for Costa Rica, where the company’s customer services centre is based.


Understanding the blogging ecosystem

On the topic of blogging, it seems worthwhile to talk a little about the blogging ecosystem, both for discussion and future reference (things change fast!).  Like an ecosystem, blogging is a feedback mechanism, is most useful when you understand what is being said about you on the blogosphere, and unlike an ecosystem giving freely is more beneficial.

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