Jesse James Garrett on Ajax, Amazon and Web 2.0

Jesse James Garrett , the man who coined the term 'Ajax' and president of Adaptive Path, has been talking to us about usability and the user experience. It makes for a great read.

Jesse's book, The Elements of User Experience, is one of the most widely read books on user-centred design, and he was recently named as one of the top ten user experience experts in an E-consultancy survey.

Here, we speak to him about the psychological background to web design, the pros and cons of behavioural targeting and Ajax, and why he thinks Amazon and eBay's usability has gone "astray".


Ticket exchange bags $30m in funding

Viagogo, the online ticket exchange backed by StubHub co-founder Eric Baker, has received $30m in Series C funding to fuel an assault on the US.

The move will see Viagogo enabling fans to trade tickets for the Cleveland Browns NFL team, as well as live concerts, sporting events and Broadway shows.


US online media spending to overtake newspapers

Online ad spending in the US will surpass newspaper advertising by 2011 as brands shift their spending onto digital media, according to a new report.

Covered by the FT, the Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS) study predicts that the online ad market will hit $62bn in 2011, with newspaper advertising expected to reach $60bn by the same date.


What does PageRank mean today?

Google's PageRank metric has become rather controversial. Some SEOs will argue that PageRank is now entirely meaningless. Are they right?


MySidekick - a social search engine

MySidekick is a social search engine that tries to improve on the search results offered by the major players by learning from the search habits of its users.



Media buyers need to relearn the basics

The brand exodus from Facebook and other social media sites is gathering pace, after companies such as Vodafone and First Direct were revealed to have been paying to advertise on the likes of the BNP’s Facebook page.

Has the world gone mad? Everybody, it seems, is missing the point, which is this: these advertisers simply aren’t paying enough. This is what you get for doing things on the cheap, and for not targeting your ads properly.

It is time for a rethink among media buyers...


Google algorithm changes hit traffic has claimed that changes to Google's algorithm have reduced its traffic from the search engine.

The site, which provides information on a range of topics, said it had experienced a 28% drop in traffic from the levels it was experiencing before the change.

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Over 120,000 downloads for BBC iPlayer

The iPlayer, the online TV on demand service from the BBC, has been downloaded more than 120,000 times in the first week after its beta launch.

The BBC predicts that the software, which gives users the chance to watch the best of the last seven days' programming, will reach 500,000 downloads within six months.


Data and Relationship Visualisation Tools - what's out there?

Quite rightly there is increasing amounts of talk about 'social media' online. The jury is still out on the real value of some areas of social media and networks, but one area where the value is currently most apparent is using network analysis to help optimise your natural search engine rankings (SEO), largely by identifying suitable sites to get inbound links from.

But what with the internet being so big, and growing so fast, it has been hard to make any practical sense of all the network data available. Recently I came across a tool which showed me the potential power of visualising these relationships...


Amazon confirms payment system launch

Amazon has confirmed plans to take on Google Checkout and PayPal with the launch of a rival payment system for etailers.

Dubbed the Amazon Flexible Payment Service (FPS), the system forms part of the etailer’s Web Services programme and allows firms to create checkout facilities with a set of developer tools.


User experience - latest roundtable briefing

E-consultancy has just published a User Experience Roundtable Briefing based on a lively discussion which took place in London last month.


French online ad market catching up

Growing mobile internet uptake and use of rich media is helping to boost the online ad market across the Channel in France, according to a new report by eMarketer.

While the report says French firms have been relatively slow to advertise and market online, it estimates that the country’s online ad market will grow more than 34% this year, and total more than $4bn by 2011.