UK web users attract most ad spend - IAB

UK internet users are the most attractive to advertisers in Europe and are targeted with even more ad spend per head than those in the US, according to new figures from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Highlights from the IAB report , released yesterday, include...


Web radio firm Slacker raises $40m in funding

Slacker, a recently launched web radio service, has raised $40m (£20m) in a second round of funding, to add to the $14.5m (£7.3m) raised in a Series A round of funding earlier this year.

According to peHUB, Centennial Ventures and Rho Ventures were new investors, while Austin Ventures, Mission Ventures and Sevin Rosen Funds, which had participated in the first round, invested again.

And it turns out that Slacker has some serious non-web ambitions...

0 comments launches instructional video site launched today, a new site which offers videos providing instructions on how to do a variety of tasks, from grooming your dog to fixing dripping taps.


Graduates divided over online marketing courses

I took advantage of bigmouthmedia's recent recruitment reception to survey 107 graduates.

Lots of them thought their universities did enough to highlight the importance of the internet, but an equal number strongly disagreed.

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UK, Germany, Sweden head European net league

The UK has Europe's most active online population, according to new data from online measuring agency comScore.

Every day, websites attract 21.8 million UK visitors, with Brits logging onto the internet 21 days every month, for an average 34.4 hours per month - all the highest figures in the continent.


Big guns 'wrong about mobile future', says Blyk

The idea that 'content is king' in the mobile space is a “myth”, and many of the industry’s big guns are wrong about the needs of younger subscribers.

That’s the view of the man behind Blyk, the startup that plans to offer free mobile services to users that opt-in to receive ads on their phones...


Bruce Willis adopts Second Life for Die Hard promo

Bruce Willis chatted with movie fans in Second Life to promote his upcoming Die Hard 4.0 release in a move that is being seen as good example of virtual world marketing.

capture: Dave Brown

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Google confirms FeedBurner buy

Google has continued its recent spending splurge with the purchase of FeedBurner, the Chicago-based distributor of news feeds to web browsers.

Thought to be in the region of $100m (£50m), the deal offers the web giant a chance to extend its huge online ad network into the realm of RSS and off-site consumption of content.


Trivop launches as video guide for hotels

Launched recently, is a hotel review site with a twist - users can see video footage of hotels.  



What role can sensory branding play in online marketing?

Many offline brands have woken up to the importance of marketing activity that appeals to all five senses, rather than just the traditional senses of sight and sound, writes Simon Harrop.


Better measurement holds the key to unlocking brand spend

Auditing sites based on unique users may be a step in the right direction but until figures are adjusted appropriately, online will lack the credibility to win serious brand spend.

The UK must adopt the same measurement standards as the US.


9,500 malware web pages discovered daily in May

Sophos latest report into malware threats has revealed that 9,500 infected web pages were discovered each day during May.

The online security firm's figures show that malware continues to pose a serious threat to web users, as the number of malware threats increased over April's figures.