Glam - your payment is on the way, just give us a few months

Glam Media, a vertical content and ad network, has told some of its publishers that, starting November 1, 2008, they'll need to wait a little bit longer for the payments they're due.

In letters to its publishers, Glam stated that it "anticipates a significant slow down in collection payments from advertisers."


People make the difference in customer experience

I attended a conference on customer experience organised by the Henley Centre for Customer Management  last week, which raised a number of issues that I thought worth sharing.

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Creating cracking corporate content

Although decent organic search engine optimisation (SEO) continues to rely hugely on content, the standard of copy needed to work effectively continues to rise.

It used to be that some fairly horrific keyword stuffing could see a website soaring up the rankings, but fortunately now the portals look for ways to assess copy's popularity and usefulness.

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ClickForensics - click fraud rate steady, botnet click fraud up

ClickForensics, a company that sells "traffic quality management" solutions, released data about PPC click fraud rates in the third quarter last month.

The results are generated by the company's Click Fraud Index, which collects data from over 4,500 advertisers and agencies.

0 comments the rockstar URL shortening tool

One of my new favourite web tools is called, a kickass URL shortener with a difference.

Essentially, is, backed by the interesting folks at Betaworks, is a next-gen version of TinyURL, replete with some advanced features that you might find useful.

And where TinyURL has stood still, has innovated...


Web analytics: a silver lining in the recession cloud?

E-consultancy's Web Analytics Buyer's Guide, published this week, reveals that the UK market for web analytics is expected to grow by 12% this year to a value of £78 million by the end of 2008. 


How charities can learn from Obama's online campaign

Whatever your political views, it's hard not to be impressed by the way in which Barack Obama used the internet to get his message across.

From YouTube channels to Twitter and Facebook accounts, Obama's team showed a real understanding of online media to campaign and raise funds for the candidate.

There is plenty that charities could glean from the Obama campaign's online marketing, and much of it didn't cost the earth...


Recession advice for etailers

As the world gears up for a global recession, etailers are starting to feel the pinch.

Last week, E-consultancy's Editor in Chief Chris Lake suggested 20 ways etailers can delight their customers to remain successful in these tough times.


The Web Week in Review

The news was dominated by the presidential election in the US this week, but the past five days also saw more volatility in the world's financial markets and more than enough news to go around in the technology industry.


How can publishers can improve site search?

I spend a lot of time on newspaper and other publishers' sites, and am often amazed at how bad their site search functions can be.

A lot of sites have been redesigned over the past year or so, and have improved a lot, but their search functions can still be patchy.

Here are a few thoughts on how they could be improved...


Memo to Jerry Yang: 5 ways to fix Yahoo

Yahoo has had a chip on its shoulder about search, aka ‘Google’,  for years. The brand name synonymous with search isn’t Yahoo. Big deal.

Obviously it is a very big deal for Jerry Yang, but in focusing on the battle for ‘search’ Yahoo has forgotten about what really matters: advertisers.

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Why advertisers are missing a trick in social media

Users have the real power to make or break a brand’s campaign, simply by ignoring it.

One of the first questions you need to ask is: "Who do you want to reach through your campaign and what's in it for them?"