The Web Week in Review

Few things are certain in today's crazy world but the weekend is one of them. So without further ado, here's this week's The Web Week in Review.

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Fight club: BBC Mobile v ITV Mobile

ITV has been adding more video content to its mobile service recently, as well as promoting it between TV programmes.

With this in mind, I decided to take a look at the site and compare it with the BBC's offering, which was upgraded earlier this year...


Microsoft looks to its own app store

Everybody is jumping on the "app store" bandwagon.

The model that Apple has used quite successfully with the iPhone is being adopted by the makers of the Blackberry, RIM; and Google will be offering an app store of its own for Android applications.

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Site review: revamp

The Financial Times began rolling out changes to its website earlier this week, with a new look and very pink homepage being the first major update.  

 Redesigned homepage

This is the first stage of an ongoing redesign process and so far it looks like a big improvement. I've taken a closer look at the changes...


More reasons to offer free shipping

We've blogged about the benefits of free delivery as an effective sales driver, and it seems that more retailers are offering it this year.

According to a post on This Week in Etail, the number of US retailers offering free shipping has jumped from 31% to 41% over the past couple of weeks as they attempt to appeal to holiday shoppers.

Judging by some of the emails I've been getting recently, more UK retailers are also offering the incentive this Christmas.


Using Twitter for customer service

Microblogging service Twitter is not only useful for online marketers, or to link to interesting blog posts; it can also be an effective customer service tool.

Rebecca on SEOmoz has provided an interesting case study describing how Comcast used Twitter to solve an issue for her; something other companies can potentially learn from.


MySpace prepares for launch of virtual payment system

MySpace may be the top social network when it comes to monetization, but with revenues apparently falling short of expectations, it's looking for new ways to make money.

At the Web 2.0 Summit last week, COO Amit Kapur announced that MySpace will be launching a virtual payment and gift system that enables it to earn real cash by selling virtual goods to its users.

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US retailers need to improve SEO - study

Many Fortune 500 companies, retailers included, have plenty of scope to improve their natural search ranking for main keywords.

While these firms are spending plenty on search ads for their targeted keywords, 72% of Fortune 500 firms were not even in the first five pages on organic search results for these terms, according to a US study (PDF) by Conductor and SkyFu.


Detecting click fraud

Earlier this week E-consultancy's own Drama 2.0 discussed current click fraud rates with PPC ad programs.

As an active user of PPC marketing, I wanted to chime in with my strategy for dealing with the issue.


Q&A: mydeco CEO David Kelly on e-commerce

Launched in beta earlier this year by a team of 20+, mydeco is an affiliate-cum-online media property focused on selling interior design products and hosting a community for home furnishing shoppers.

We caught up with CEO David Kelly to talk about the site’s planned launch of widgets, its focus on driving conversions through 3D room-planning software, and the way it has gone about building its design and development team.


Is Google's First Click Free a blow to Facebook and Twitter?

Google News publishers know all about the wonders and horrors of First Click Free.

Google News wants to include prestigious newspapers and let users click through to the stories which matched keyword searches.

Some newspapers still want to operate on a subscription model. 


Seven deadly consumer biases and how to deal with them

On Saturday, Scott Brave of The E-Commerce Times posted a great article about seven deadly consumer biases that impact customer ratings and reviews on etailer websites.

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