Boots improves website (as recommended!)

I wrote a post a few months ago that listed a few criticisms of the Boots website, which contained a number of usability and design flaws.

The website has been much improved recently and we're now singing from the same hymnbook, although one or two notes remain out of tune...

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Retailers invest in comparison engines but opportunities missed

Our Comparison Shopping Engines Survey Report  published this week found that there has been an overall increase in the level of online retail sales that can be attributed to this channel.  


Google indexes text from scanned files

It turns out that Googlebot’s addiction to text has reached a new level following the announcement that it can now index text from scanned documents.

By using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology the search engine can now make sense of the content of scanned documents saved as PDF files.


The Web Week in Review

From news that Yahoo and Google might call off their planned search advertising partnership to photos discovered on Facebook revealing Bono's rendezvous with a couple of teenage girls in St. Tropez, there was a bit of drama this week that kept the news interesting.


How to handle checkout errors

When going through the checkout process, customers in the process of paying for items are bound to make a few mistakes here and there.

The key here is to handle these problems smoothly, enabling customers to correct any errors they make without causing unnecessary frustration.

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Fast and easy - web application design tips

This past weekend, the New York Times published an interesting article.

In it, Matt Richtel and Ashlee Vance discussed the computer industry's plans to offer PCs that boot up more quickly.


20 ways to delight your customers in 2009

In 2009 many companies will struggle against a tide of negative consumer sentiment, driven by the economic downturn. It’s looking like the days of free and easy spending are over, for now.

In startupland the losers will most likely be those with low reserves of cash, but what about the established e-commerce heavyweights? Which e-commerce companies will fare better than others, and which ones will be hardest hit? And what can they do about it?


Site review: Amazon Windowshop

Online retail behemoth Amazon recently launched, which offers a new way to browse through items from its main site.

Amazon Windowshop

Other than looking quite nice, does this new tool offer any extra value to Amazon's shoppers? 

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Index Ventures' Ben Holmes on the Playfish deal

Playfish this week announced a whopping $17m funding round, led by internet-focused VCs Accel Partners and Index Ventures.

In doing so, the London-based developer of games for social networks will have provided encouragement for other startups seeking funding. While this deal has been in the pipeline for a few months it proves that the VCs aren’t entirely hunkering down.


Facebook music - sweet song of success or final ballad of failure?

The New York Post recently reported that Facebook, perhaps spurred on by the launch of MySpace Music, is now serious about pursuing a music service of its own.


An online PR wallchart for your viewing pleasure

Roger Warner at Content & Motion has devised a handy cut-out-and-keep wallchart to help define and explain online PR.

Online PR Wallchart


ITN plots news on Google Maps has started using Google Maps technology to pinpoint news stories for users based on their current location.

ITN news Google maps mashup

The mashup is the result of a partnership between ITN and Google, using Google's 'Gears Location API' which pinpoints a user's mobile or wi-fi access point and serves news based on that location.

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