Q&A: Bill Flitter of Pheedo on RSS advertising

Pheedo is a US-based RSS ad network that serves ads through feeds, among other things.

We caught up with CEO and co-founder Bill Flitter to find out more about RSS  advertising and how it might finally put the debate over partial versus full feeds to bed.


Site review: Daily Mail redesign

The Daily Mail launched a new beta version of its website last week and is running it alongside the current layout so users can provide feedback.

We've taken a look at how it shapes up....

Daily Mail beta site


How the internet celebrated Earth Day

In case you missed it, Tuesday, April 22 was Earth Day. What originated in a grassroots fashion is, as Reuters points out , "an environmental event that has become increasingly political and corporate."


Time for a Web 2.0 vulture fund? Nope

As more Web 2.0 startups fail and the market for VC investment contracts, Om Malik has asked whether it's now an ideal time for somebody to create a vulture fund that acquires startups " with decent technologies that have otherwise failed to get themselves off the ground. "


Breaking the Digg code

Since the world cottoned on to the fact that search engine optimisation was all about linkbuilding, the world's greatest online marketers have been trying to develop Google-friendly, scalable, linkbuilding solutions.


Staff first, customers second

The fiasco that was the first month of Heathrow’s Terminal Five is a salutary lesson for any company introducing a new product or service. 

I sympathise greatly with the customers that have been delayed, lost luggage and generally experienced a level of service that few would wish on their biggest enemy but my real sympathies are reserved for another oft overlooked group – the staff.

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Q&A: Nike's digital boss Chris Shimojima

Chris Shimojima was brought in to steer the online business of Nike in 2006 – a position in which he oversees the direct-to-consumer digital sales of Nike and its sister brands, such as Converse and Hurley.

He recently spoke at ChannelAdvisor’s Catalyst event about how the company was generating business online through its Nike+ community and Nike iD, its system that allows shoppers to create customised trainers online and in store.

After his speech, we asked Chris a few questions about Nike’s e-commerce strategy, internal structure and future social media plans. And why its website is 100% Flash.

Nike iD site


FastCompany's infinite foolishness

When it comes to how much credibility I think a publication has, it only takes one colossal lapse in journalistic integrity for me to lose all trust.


eBay – a channel to drive sales offline?

Reserve and collect services are all the rage at the moment as retailers integrate their online and offline businesses. But few – if any – have developed an equivalent offering for marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

One company that is looking to do so, however, is footwear chain Schuh; one of the most prolific sellers on eBay UK. 


Five tips for online fashion stores

Leon Bailey Green gives fashion retailers five tips to think about for increasing revenue and sales.


Data management is at the heart of good email marketing

The E-Consultancy/Adestra Email Marketing Industry Census 2008, published March 2008, investigated over 600 email marketers’ approach to data. 

After all, accurate data powers relevant targeting, which is proven to deliver the best results. 

The findings showed that regular data cleaning has taken a back seat for many email marketers.

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Putting customers in charge of your communications

Many companies are still losing customers because they don’t know what they want, writes Marc Morris.