MobileMe's less-than-stellar launch shows Apple is not perfect

To many, Apple can do no wrong. The company has one of the most loyal followings of any in the world.

When it launches a new product, fans and press flock. Apple's CEO Steve Jobs is about as close to being a "rockstar" as any CEO can get.


Site review:

Launched recently, is a site from WPP which allows businesses to buy and create outdoor advertising in the UK.

The service, which makes good use of maps to pinpoint billboards, buses and other locations, aims to make it easier for small businesses to get involved in the outdoor ad space.


Digital academy crop begins to ripen

Last week saw the first residential part of E-consultancy's Graduate Academy at Reading University and I can honestly say that it was both a pleasure and to some degree, a surprise.

We had three days of intensive teaching lined up for our successful 28 delegates with the aim of making sure they have a sound grounding in all things digital. Eight trainers, three client speakers and 30 hours of teaching later and we hope the process is well under way.


News of the World gets a new look

The News of the World is launching a new look website next week, with more of a focus on blogs and video content.

News of the World beta

There is a beta version of the site online now, so are the changes an improvement?


The Web Week in Review

Everybody's working for the weekend but before you leave work for the weekend, here's a wrap-up of the news that caught my eye this week.


How to price your product

I'm currently consulting with an individual who is starting a subscription-based online business, focused on providing high-value content in a lucrative niche.

One of the biggest questions he had was: "How do I price my subscriptions?"

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Comet introduces new homepage

Comet has released a beta version of its homepage this week, allowing customers to give feedback before the new design officially goes live.

Comet beta homepage

We've taken a look to see what has changed...


Internet fame is not a business model

I debated whether or not to write this post - not because I wasn't sure if the topic was worthwhile, but because I couldn't write it without giving attention to one of the few people on the internet whom I believe deserves to be ignored.


When third-party code takes your site down

Some very popular websites learned the hard way this past weekend that placing third-party code in your website's pages is a liability.

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Product placement and branded entertainment - too much of a good thing?

Product placement and branded entertainment are appealing to marketers for a very good reason - having your product woven into a television show, for instance, potentially offers some very compelling advantages over traditional advertising, especially in the age of the Tivo.


Q&A: MORE TH>N's Roberto Hortal Munoz on comparison sites

Roberto Hortal Munoz is the head of e-Business at insurance company MORE TH>N , as well as being a very well received speaker at our recent Future of Digital Marketing event.

Here, we ask him about his use of comparison sites amid growing concerns in the sector over their value to brands.

We also dig into the challenge of sales attribution across different channels and the company's various efforts around online communities.


Offline high street retailers adopt cashback scheme

I was having a look around cashback site GreasyPalm this morning and it seems that the fast-growing affiliate marketing technique is going multichannel.

The site lists five companies that are offering rewards to members that make purchases offline - high street retailers Superdrug, JJB Sports and Halfords; cinema chain Cineworld; plus roadside restaurant outfit Little Chef.

All five are offering 3% cashback on transactions, GreasyPalm says.