Google Quality Score dented by slow landing pages

Over at WebmasterWorld there is some talk about a relatively new ranking factor that determines Google’s Quality Score on Adwords, with ‘load time’ now taken into account.

After a short measurement period Google will make a judgement call and if your pages are deemed too slow then your Quality Score will take a hit, meaning that you'll need to spend more to maintain or improve upon your ad positions.


Why do some sectors simply not get the web?

Barely a day goes past without online commentators complaining about how the music industry is doomed because it doesn't 'get' the web.

Yet recent actions suggest this may be changing, which is more than can be said for the promoters of the national game.


Overlay expands into press

Flicking through my morning paper, its clear to see that the online overlay ad format has influenced Nissan in its campaign to drive awareness of it new model.

Nissan's doodle ad (as seen in TimeOut, rather than Metro)


Why most geeks shouldn't be marketers

Marketing is part art, part science. In the past, there was probably too much focus on art.

Now with the advent of new technologies like the internet, I'd argue there’s probably too much focus on science. The truth is that good marketing incorporates both.


How to launch a new website – launch week

Before we discuss the launch of the website I want to focus on how to spread the viral articles most efficiently.



Spam is in the eye of the beholder

For me, spam is unwelcome email - if I don't want it, it's spam.

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Fight Club: BBC iPlayer vs ITV's Video Player

According to figures quoted in The Guardian this week, ITV's online video player has been losing traffic, while the BBC iPlayer has grown rapidly since its official launch last month.

ITV's offering beat the iPlayer to market, launching a 30 day catch-up service back in June, so why has the BBC overtaken it so quickly? Let's take a closer look at the two services to find out...


cScape's Richard Sedley on digital and the economy

Since speaking at last year's Online Marketing Masterclass, cScape's Customer Engagement Director Richard Sedley has been rather busy writing a book: “Winners and Losers in a Troubled Economy: How to use online customer engagement to gain a competitive advantage."

Here, we ask him to explain his views on why the internet may be a safe(r) haven for marketers during recessionary times...


Wordpress: 30% of blogs are splogs

It seems that splogs (spam blogs) are still a major issue in the blogosphere, at least according to Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg.

Mullenweg told the Future of Web Apps conference (via WebProNews) that its Wordpress software has deleted more than 800,000 splogs, calling spammers "the terrorists of Web 2.0".

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Note to Chris Anderson - lunch is never free

Chris Anderson is a hero to some in the internet business community.

The Wired editor-in-chief's book, "The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More" , is often cited by those who believe that the internet is changing economic rules, despite the fact that most of the hard data has actually refuted many of his claims.

Now Anderson is back with another book to be released next year that is destined to become a hit with internet business types: "Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business".


How to launch a new website - pre-launch

Before actually going "live" with your site it is important to make sure you have set up some key features to make your site stand out from the rest.



Can private sales work in online fashion?

Can online private fashion sales work in the UK? Leon Bailey asks how one goes about marketing such websites.