To phone or not to phone?

I recently worked with a client who runs a relatively small e-commerce operation as a second business.

He lamented the fact that when he provided a phone number on his website, his sales more than doubled but the time required to run the business also more than doubled because of all the phone calls, which was not viable for him.


Ten Firefox add-ons for SEO

One benefit of using Firefox is that it has a community of third party developers designing some very useful (and free) add-ons for the browser's users.

We've taken a look at some SEO-related examples....


Marketers don’t care about customers

With economic slowdown in the news everyday, you could be forgiven for thinking that knowing your customer – the foundation of good marketing — is keeping marketers awake at night.

That doesn’t seem to be the case. 


Q&A: Bounty’s Andrew Thomas on marketing to Mums

Andrew Thomas is the e-business director at Bounty, the UK parenting club perhaps best known for the free stuff it hands out to new Mums in their post-natal wards, and regular correspondence thereafter.

Since joining in 2005, he’s been spearheading a campaign to expand its membership and boost loyalty via the web, including the development of online community The firm now says it has 700,000 members signed up online, and 2.1m+ overall. And last year, it was bought by Canadian company Kaboose to expand its portfolio of parenting websites.

Here, Andrew tells us about his online ambitions, including the impending launch of a new educational video site, the addition of new skills to its in-house digital team and potential expansion abroad.


What should you have in your shopping basket?

Shopping baskets are a key part of the design of an e-commerce site, forming a stepping stone between finding products and entering the checkout process.

They also provide a useful way to review the products selected for purchasing, and offer site owners a chance to reassure customers about security and payment options.

Let's look at some examples of basket design used by popular online retailers, to see what works, and what doesn't...

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Romanticizing recession

Some argue that an economic downturn is the ideal time to start a new business and to be sure, history evidences the fact that highly-successful companies are often born in challenging business environments.

This is little surprise. After all, they push entrepreneurs to be more innovative, resourceful and frugal than they may otherwise have been.

As they say, "necessity is the mother of all invention."


Site review: launched a package holiday comparison site last week, with a focus on providing a better user experience than existing competitors. homepage

We have taken a look to see how it measures up...


Three authentication systems that can help boost email delivery rates

If you send a reasonable volume of email, you've probably experienced the frustration of being told by some of the intended recipients that they never got your messages.


Guardian Media buys a blog

Some members of Old Media may be going through some tough times, but those who say that Old Media doesn't "get it" and is dying should take note of what's happening. Old Media is buying New Media.


Turnabout: What do affiliate managers want?

When was the last time you heard anyone ask what online affiliate MANAGERS (not affiliates) want? 

There's so much focus on answering the question, 'What do affiliates really want and need?' that we've seemingly forgotten the marketers themselves.


Site review: Borders' new UK offering

Having recently ended its partnership with Amazon and launched a new e-commerce site in the US, I expected that Borders would develop a similar version for the UK.

However, the redesigned has now gone live and it is completely different to its US counterpart.

We’ve taken a look to see how they compare...


The Web Week in Review - Yahoo Edition

There was enough Yahoo news this week to devote this week's The Web Week in Review to the besieged internet company.