SEO strategy for new websites

Starting a new company is extremely hard, which is probably why most businesses fail within the first couple of years.

Challenges such as marketing and hiring the right staff are some of the major issues that even good managers struggle with.


The Web Week in Review

Every Friday, I'll provide a roundup of the week's stories that I find to be most interesting and relevant.

With some of the world's top business leaders, politicians and intellectuals busy mingling at Davos, it's not surprising that some of this week's most noteworthy news dealt with Big Media, Big Technology and Big Recession.


Are you breaking Google's rules?

Do you know whether your website is within the Google Guidelines ? When was the last time you checked your outgoing and incoming links? Do you know exactly what your SEO company is doing?


Email Suicide – emailing the ‘emotionally unsubscribed’

To keep emailing those individuals now being labelled 'emotionally unsubscribed' may be enticing on the basis that one day they may be in the buying window... but it may also be very dangerous.


Radiohead, Reznor and The Agency

Radiohead’s recent experiment with selling music directly to consumers wasn’t exactly a massive success.

So it was with great interest that I read Greg Sandoval’s recent piece, “Don't miss lessons Radiohead, Trent Reznor offer.”


Why you need to think about blog marketing

In the last three years, blog marketing has become part of the mainstream media and the most popular blogs have a built a huge amount of influence over people's perception of brands.


Paradise or Bust – the pros and cons of community

The concept of is to develop a community existing both on an island in Fiji and online.

The project’s success is due entirely to promotion via social networking, but this could also be its biggest risk of failure.


Horrible websites 'becoming less common'

A new study from Jakob Nielsen suggests that average returns from usability work have fallen "substantially" in the last few years.

The average ROI from the projects surveyed was 83% - down from 135% six years ago, but high enough to show that they are still well worth the effort.


Online Video Advertising: is it worth it?

Online ad network operator BurstMedia has released a study about online video advertising.

Given that major advertisers are increasingly putting money into online video ads and that many publishers are reaping the rewards in the form of high CPMs, studies like it should be of great interest to both advertisers and publishers in this developing market.


How to target the lucrative long tail of search

Aaron Wall has an excellent post today discussing how websites can use the long tail to generate a lot more reliable traffic than simply going for the major keywords in a particular niche.

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Q&A: Future Platforms’ Sergio Falletti on mobile usability

Here, we speak to Sergio Falletti, director of mobile app specialists Future Platforms about the challenges and opportunities of mobile website design.


Choosing an email service provider

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is 'which email service provider or delivery platform is the best?'

The answer is 'how long is a piece of string?'