Friends Reunited drops subscription model

ITV has reportedly decided to drop subscription charges for users of Friends Reunited in an attempt to turn around the site's fortunes.


Microsoft releases web analytics tool in beta

Microsoft's new web analytics tool, codenamed Project Gatineau, has been released in private beta - but not yet for sites in the UK. 


Two terrible tales of tracking terror!

It's Halloween and time for two true tales of tracking that went terribly wrong.

The scariest part of these cautionary stories is that either one could so easily happen again.


Web 2.0 is 'rubbish', claims NUJ new media rep

Roy Greenslade, who appears to be my favourite blogger du jour, sparked a furore last week after deciding to quit the NUJ after 30 years of membership, a move which makes even more sense once you digest what the NUJ thinks about ‘Web 2.0’.

The National Union of Journalists’ magazine – which I don’t subscribe to, before you get the wrong impression - has a bizarre article in this month’s issue called ‘Web 2.0 Is Rubbish’.


Saga launches silver surfers' social network

Travel group Saga has launched a social network aimed exclusively at the over 50s.

SagaZone, as it is called, features profile pages, forums and blogs for its members.

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Google launches cross-network development tools

Google has thrown down the gauntlet to Facebook with plans to compete with the social network’s hugely popular software development platform.

The devilishly cunning but widely expected move - coming just a few days after Facebook’s strategic partnership with Microsoft - will see the online ad giant allowing developers to build apps and syndicate them across different social media sites.

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The beauty of site optimisation

On my way to work the other morning, I noticed that the stylish apothecary Space NK on Westbourne Grove was closed for refurbishment.

Not something likely to inconvenience me enormously, as its beauty products are aimed predominantly at the discerning ladies of Notting Hill.

It did, however, get me thinking about the cost of redesigning a retail outlet and inevitably, considering my line of work, how that compares to the online retailers I talk to day to day.

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Site combines maps with news content

Yourstreet, a US website, has developed an interesting way of displaying local news content by combining it with Google Maps.


Chinese mapping firm takes on Google and Microsoft

A Chinese website called City8 is taking on Google and Microsoft's mapping tools by offering street level mapping with an impressive level of detail.


Google's UK ad revenues overtake ITV1

Google is now generating more ad revenue in the UK than ITV1, according to The Times .

The online ad giant has already overtaken Channel 4 and now has ITV as a whole in its sights.


Standard Life's Sharon Shaw on strategy and planning

Developing a new digital strategy can be a daunting experience, especially considering the lack of case studies and benchmarks out there.

We spoke to Sharon Shaw, e-commerce manager at Standard Life, and Avenue A/Razorfish's Adrian Gans about their experiences of strategy creation, including budgets, KPIs, incentives and structures. 

Standard Life portal


MySpace founder 'fibbed about age'

Tom Anderson, the co-founder and public face of MySpace, has been rumbled for lying about his age in his profile – he’s apparently four years older than he claims.

But besides showing how far he was prepared to go to appear in touch with MySpace's yoof audience, and being pretty embarrassing, is this a big deal?

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