LinkedIn to open up its platform

Business network LinkedIn is reportedly planning to open its platform to developers over the next nine months.

LinkedIn founder and chairman Reid Hoffman told Dan Farber that he wants to create a way for users who spend time on Facebook to get LinkedIn notifications.


Blue sky thinking from Expedia artists

Online travel site Expedia gathered hundreds of budding artists in Trafalgar Square, London, for a summertime outdoor branding campaign.

0 comments could sell again for new record

Domain name could sell for between $300m and $400m this year, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The name went for a then record $7.5m when it was bought by two entrepreneurs at the height of the dotcom boom in 1999.


eBay to limit Google ad spend

eBay has resumed advertising on Google after the two companies’ well-publicised clash earlier this month, but all is not forgiven.

The online auction company said it would use Google’s ad platforms in a “much more limited way” and focus more on rival ad services.

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Survey highlights customer response issues

UK online retailers have widely differing levels of speed and accuracy when dealing with customer enquiries, according to a new study.

A test of leading etailers by Talisma found 45% failed to reply to customer emails, while only 47% of those that did provided "accurate and complete information" in their responses.


Google on duplicate content

The issue of duplicate content is a thorny one that can affect sites' search rankings, and one that has even caught Google out in the past.

So it's good that the search giant's Adam Lasnik has written a post that throws some light on how it deals with the problem.

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Veoh TV launches video aggregation tool

Online video site Veoh this week launched a beta version of its service - a downloadable browser for users to access online video from a range of websites.

Veoh TV

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Small firms failing to make use of web

The majority of small businesses in the UK have yet to realise the commercial benefits of the internet, according to a new report.

The UK Online study found two thirds of British firms with fewer than ten employees have no internet connection.


Google expands PPA system worldwide

Google has expanded the pay per action (PPA) ad system it started testing in March internationally.

The move, which allows advertisers to only pay fees to Google if users complete a defined task (such as signing up for a newsletter), follows a closed beta trial in the US.

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Most annoying web words revealed

'Blog', 'netiquette' and 'cookie' are some of the most hated words the web has produced, according to a YouGov poll.

But the word most likely to make people 'wince, shudder or want to bang your head on the keyboard' was 'folksonomy' - the term for a web classification system.


Online banks 'failing to gain trust'

Internet banks have fared particularly badly in a new study that suggests the industry has lost trust from the majority of UK consumers.

The Unisys-commissioned survey found that 71% of customers do not trust their banks, while the two worst rated brands were web-based.


Social lending finds success on Facebook

Lending Club, a P2P lending community on Facebook, seems to have found some early popularity among the social network's users.

Lending Club launched when Facebook opened up to widgets on May 24th. Since then it has approved 27 loans worth over $100,000, with $212,650 in lending due to go through in the next 12 days, according to TechCrunch.