Mysupermarket allows booking of delivery slots

Shopping comparison site has introduced a useful-looking new feature which allows customers to book their delivery slots before starting their shopping.

Users can choose from a range of one hour slots, view costs and book one in advance. Mysupermarket says the service has been introduced in response to growing demand from shoppers using the site.


Seven tips for recruiting paid search professionals

Recruiting paid search professionals can be a painful experience. Whether you're an agency specialising in search or a company looking to bring it in-house, the demand for paid search professionals has never been greater.

In these market conditions it’s easy to panic and jump on the first candidate who’s heard of Adwords, but there is another way.


Baidu advertisers raise click fraud concerns

Advertisers on Baidu, the largest search engine in China, appear to be losing confidence in its ability to deal with click fraud, according to a new report.

The search engine has 58% of the search market in China, compared to Google's 17%, but the click fraud problems could help its rivals to catch up.


Interview with 'super-affiliate' Keith Budden

As well as being one of the UK's super-affiliates, Keith Budden is a partner in Affiliate Healthcheck, a consultancy offering affiliate programme performance reviews, training, recruitment and assistance with network selection.

We asked him for an affiliate's perspective on some of the main issues around affiliate marketing programmes.


Google Blog Search ranking explained

Bill Slawski at SEO by the Sea has an interesting post which gives an insight into how Google's Blog Search ranks its results. He has come across a patent application by Google which explains some of the ranking factors.

The patent application, 'Ranking Blog Documents', shows how Google ranks blogs according to searchers' queries based upon a combination of relevance and quality scores.

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Zopa takes $12.4m for US expansion

British "social lending" exchange Zopa has raised a $12.4m (£6.6m) series C investment with the aim of breaking the company in to the US market.

The funds from Bessemer Venture Partners, Benchmark Capital and Wellington Partners will also continue to support Zopa's UK operation, with several new features scheduled.


Yahoo! launches oneSearch for mobile web

Yahoo! has launched its oneSearch mobile search platform for mobile web browsers, taking its new search marketing service to a greatly expanded number of handset users.

Previously, oneSearch, which delivers enhanced results and listings for the small screen, was only available in Yahoo!'s downloadable Go 2.0 application, launched in January. Results pages display search-related ads and sponsored banners.

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Microsoft research finds sources of search engine spam

Microsoft researchers have been looking into the problem of junk web pages, and have found that most of this 'search engine spam' comes from just two web hosting firms.

Microsoft's research, entitled Spam Double-Funnel: Connecting Web Spammers with Advertisers, looked primarily into redirection spam and reveals that the links to spam web pages are generated by a small number of people, with some major advertisers, hosting services and ad syndicators turning a blind eye.


ONS report reveals digital divide

The latest Focus on the Digital Age report from the Office for National Statistics reveals that, while internet use is well established and growing fast, the 'digital divide' remains a problem.

According to the report, one in twelve UK households (8%) have no access to the internet, digital TV, or mobile phones.


ASOS ‘grubbygate’ row gathers pace

You have to wonder whether or not ASOS CEO Nick Robertson went on holiday for two weeks by accident, like Withnail of ‘I’ fame. Or did he strategically flee the masses of affiliates baying for his head on pike?

Labelling affiliates ‘grubby’ is looking like the UK internet industry's gaffe of the year so far, but something tells me it wasn’t just a throwaway statement. Crass and insensitive perhaps, and one hell of a generalisation, but presumably Nick has all kinds of reasons that will back up his choice of phrase.

What might these reasons be? Since Nick is on holiday (or in some affiliate-proof bunker) we’re not going to get any clarification anytime soon. But hey, ASOS is a public company, so let’s delve into the accounts for a brief waltz through its history with affiliates… it is rather revealing…


Travelocity bets ad budget on brand search

Brand names function better as search marketing keywords than non-branded terms, according to a study conducted by online travel agency Travelocity.

The company found that only 4% of its bookings came from ads bought on un-branded search terms, suggesting Travelocity's own brand name is responsible for 96% of its business.


Google sets up in-game ad battle with Microsoft

Google has confirmed its purchase of San Francisco-based Adscape Media in a push into in-game advertising.

The long-anticipated deal – believed to be worth around $23m – will see the search giant entering a market that's expected to grow massively over the next few years.