US newspapers' online audience continues to grow

The online audience for US newspaper groups is continuing to grow, with record numbers of internet users visiting their sites in the second quarter.

Research carried out by Nielsen//NetRatings for the Newspaper Association of America found a monthly average of 59m people visited newspaper sites during the period.


ComScore alters web metrics

In a similar move to rival web measurement firm Nielsen//NetRatings, comScore has decided to make change to the way it measures web audiences.

comScore will now divide internet audiences into heavy, medium and light users, in an attempt to help advertisers better segment their audiences.


Judge unimpressed by case against Facebook founder

The judge in the Facebook ownership dispute has given the plaintiffs two months to find some evidence that will persuade him not to throw the case out.

Mark Zuckerberg has been accused of stealing the design and source code for Facebook from a university social network that he worked for as a programmer four years ago.


Microsoft to serve ads on Digg

Microsoft and Digg have announced a partnership in which Microsoft will serve up display and contextual advertising to the social news site's 17m monthly users.

The three-year exclusive deal will boost Microsoft's efforts to compete with arch-rival Google, which it is replacing as Digg's online ad partner. 


Joost reaches 1m user mark

P2P internet TV service Joost has been used by more than a million beta testers so far, co-founder Niklas Zennstrom told reporters at a press event in Estonia.

Clearly, the buzz around the online TV platform has helped push the user numbers up to such impressive levels. Zennstrom also said that Joost plans a full launch by the end of the year.


AdWords - Preferred Bidding and Budget Optimiser or not?

A few months ago, Google released a couple of new alternatives to the 'maximum cost-per-click' bids on Adwords, called Preferred Bidding and Budget Optimiser.

Preferred Bidding allows you to specify how much you'd like to pay for each click on average, and Adwords will adjust your bids accordingly. Budget Optimiser takes your daily budget and tries to generate as many clicks as possible for your money.

But is this really what you want to be doing? Both of these options are set at campaign level, and neither looks at the conversion rate of individual keywords or Adgroups, or indeed the value of a conversion.


Amazon triples profits

Amazon's second quarter profits have more than tripled thanks to a combination of increased sales and a reduction in technology spending.

The company's share price rose by 21% yesterday in response to the news, with Amazon raising its full year income forecasts.

0 comments acquires lead generation provider Lightstate

Affiliate marketing network has announced its first acquisition, online lead generation provider Lightstate.

Lightstate, founded by entrepreneur Shakil Khan, uses its partnerships with financial sites, comparison sites and portals to collect consumer information. Advertisers can then use this information to advise customers on the products that suit their needs.


AOL to buy behavioural targeting network

AOL has stumped up a reported $275m to buy behavioural targeting company Tacoda – a move designed to boost the targeting abilities and reach of its online ad network

The deal is the latest in a string of acquisitions by the web giant following its shift away from subscriptions onto internet advertising.


Free tool users 'miss point of analytics'

Organisations using free analytics solutions like Google Analytics and Microsoft’s upcoming ‘Project Gatineau’ are less likely to follow best practices, according to a report by Web Analytics Demystified.

The consultancy found companies using free software were more likely to treat analytics as a “casual endeavour”, with 35% of respondents using free solutions reporting only ad hoc use of the tools.


Interview with Seedcamp founder Saul Klein

We recently reported on the launch of Seedcamp, a VC-backed project that will provide a shot in the arm to Europe's technology startups. I caught up with Seedcamp founder Saul Klein to find out more...


Why the Xbox isn't doomed (it really isn't)

James at GigaOm has written a post today in which he predicts that Microsoft's Xbox is doomed, mainly as a result of the Wii's success and the various 'red ring of death' issues which have affected many of the consoles.

However, we reckon James is being a little hasty in his judgement, and is not seeing the bigger picture.

While the failure rate of Xbox consoles - as much as 33% by some estimates - is hardly a great advert for the Xbox, it hasn't been enough to dent the console's popularity beyond repair, and Microsoft has built up an enviable position, both in terms of market share and in securing an installed base of millions for future multmedia plays.