If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you’ll probably feel that it’s old hat. The principle is simple – you talk about something that you’re interested and/or passionate about, and through that you find people that are interested in the same sort of things that you are.

Over time if you’re a good write or really passionate or you simply create / get hold of good content, you’ll rise to the top of that niche vertical interest, which in turn will result in more readers.

The problem is that until very recently blogging was kind of hard to do – you have to be at least a little technically literate to be able to use the blog software interfaces. The result being that until recently blogging definitely wasn’t part of the mainstream consciousness.

Shoot forward to today and I’m pretty confident that blogging is at the tipping point (at least in the UK that is – I’ve no idea what’s happening in the US or the rest of the world for that matter), for three different reasons which I’ll outline below.

For starters, MySpace seems to be everywhere. A week or so ago, my brother went to the O2 Wireless festival here in London, and he came back with several MySpace stickers and buttons for me – he didn’t know what MySpace was but he did know what blogging was (I’ve just introduced him to Flickr, so he’s starting to open his eyes a little), and that means something because he’s definitely in the ‘pragmatic adopter’ category.

Today, I was listening to Radio 1 while working so I had the conversation blanked out, until I heard the word blog. I almost jumped up with joy (I am a blogging evangelist in my spare time – Thursday nights are blog rally nights if you’re interested) and started singing Kumbaya. The Radio 1 DJ legitimised the artist Lily Allen’s blog by stating that she was just reading her blog and found it interesting.  If you go and visit her blog you’ll see just why MySpace is so popular.

As a parallel to this, the rise of teenagers in school using MySpace and posting photos to their blogs was also all over the UK news today. Whilst I’m not keen on youngsters posting revealing or even semi-revealing photos to any site at all, it still does point to the apparent ubiquity of MySpace. Which concerns me, but that’s another entry…

Completely opposite to this, in the last three weeks I’ve been approached by various organisations to consult on, project manage and implement blogging solutions for corporate clients, a large property Plc amongst them. Although this in itself is not important, the fact that a large traditional property Plc based in London is looking at a blog solution as a tool to develop a community voice around one of their property projects is, and it’s exciting.

I’m not completely and absolutely sure we’re on the cusp of an enterprise blogging awakening, but I am pretty sure that the rise of MySpace and other community sites like it is signalling a wind change on the consumer driven internet, and that this in turn is realising the potential of what the internet is all about – conversation and community. The next 18 months are going to be interesting!


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