Michael Zhang at Folksonomy has a great interview with John Battelle of Federated Media, in which he shares his tips for bloggers.

Federated Media hooks up advertisers with its network of blogs, allowing bloggers to move away from a reliance on Google Adsense. The network currently has over 90 blog authors.

Here are a few choice snippets from the interview:

What do great blogs have in common?

“All the great blogs, or community driven sites like Newsvine or Digg, have at their core a passionate conversation among a community that cares about the topic that the site is covering.”

What can bloggers do to attract advertisers?

“The key thing is to have high quality content and a high quality community. That attracts advertisers more than anything else.”

“There’s lots of ways to make money from your site, but obviously the more traffic you have, and the higher quality is, the more money you’ll make.”

What are some common mistakes you see bloggers making these days?

“One of the most typical mistakes is to not post frequently enough. One of the key things of blogging is blogging a lot and having something to say.”

“Beyond that, you can get into some bad territory by getting involved in grey hat schemes like link farms, link swapping, and marketing ploys where you don’t tell your audiences that you’re taking part in some form of marketing.”

Do you think it will be easier or harder to blog professionally in a few years?

“I think it will be easier on many levels. Certainly, easier to start and gain access to the tools.”

Are your advertisers equally interested in each of your federations, or are some more popular than others?

“The more popular ones are the ones that have been around longer, because it takes time for advertisers to get used to new areas. The most popular is technology, followed by business & marketing and parenting, media entertainment, then some of our newer ones like automobiles.”

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