Technorati has released its ‘State of the Live Web’ report, which is the new name for its ‘State of the Blogosphere’ report.

The figures indicate that the blogosphere is still growing, with Technorati now tracking over 70m blogs worldwide, up from around 57m at the time of the last report in November 2006.

Blogosphere growth

Gartner predicted at the end of last year that the blogosphere would peak in 2007 at around 100m blogs, and decline thereafter. We weren’t remotely convinced by that prediction (which might yet prove accurate!).

Technorati’s figures also give no hint that this decline is about to happen, with blogosphere growth picking up a little since the last update. An average of 120,000 new blogs were added each day, compared with 100,000 in November’s update.

Blog growth

The splogs issue
As the report points out, spam and spam blogs - automated blogs that simply lift the extract from an RSS feed, and re-publish with a link –  continue to be a problem in the blogosphere.

Technorati noticed an increase in splog creation around the Christmas season – it found that 11,000 of these were created each day during December, compared with the average of 3,000 – 7,000 daily for the rest of the year.

Dave Sifry points out that rates have decreased since then, and it does seem that Technorati is handling the problem slightly better than it used to, though you often have to sift through a lot of junk on Technorati before you find a blog with unique content.

At the time of the last update, 26 of 55 blogs which reference E-consultancy were splogs, whereas this time round the figure is around 18 out of 55. That said, we’ve had a good week on the PR front, so perhaps now isn’t the best week to do a like-for-like comparison. At any rate, it’s good that Technorati is trying to clean up its act.

Popularity of blogs compared to mainstream media

The report suggests that some blogs are now just as popular as mainstream media sites, with blogs making up 22 of the 100 most popular websites list:

Top 50 Blogs and MSM sites - Q4 2006  

Other highlights from the report

  • The growth of tagging -  Technorati is now tracking over 230 million posts per month using tags or categories, compared with 200,000 2 years ago. Over 35% of everything Technorati tracks is now tagged, compared to 25% two years ago. We adore tags for all sorts of reasons.

  • Blog postings – Postings, along with blogs, continue to grow. Technorati tracks 58,000 blog posts per hour, and 1.4m daily – five times more than two years ago.

  • Languages – Japanese is the most popular language in the blogosphere, accounting for 37% of blog posts indexed. English is second on 35%, followed by Chinese on 8%.

  • Blogging in Iran – The presence of Farsi in the list of top ten languages suggests a rise in blogging in Iran (or by Iranians), where the language is primarily spoken.

  • Doubling the blogosphere – From Q2 2004 to Q2 2006 the blogosphere doubled every 150-220 days, but that rate has now extended to 320 days. This doesn’t mean growth is slowing, just that larger numbers are now involved.

For the full report, complete with charts,

see Dave’s blog.