Online travel site Expedia gathered hundreds of budding artists in Trafalgar Square, London, for a summertime outdoor branding campaign.

Organised in partnership with the National Gallery on Thursday, Blue Sky Day saw some 200 locals take to the canvas in the shadow of Nelson’s Column.

Each canvas was already coloured blue and included Expedia’s distinctive white cloud emblem, before each painter added their own interpretation of the scene before them.

A further 100 artists took part in an event at the foot of Edinburgh Castle.

A selection of the London paintings will now hang in an associated National Gallery exhibition between June 28 and July 15, while the Scottish artworks are on display at the Talbot Rice Gallery.

Expedia got branding pay-off from the event farther afield than just central London. As well as its own Flickr photographs, many attendees posted videos of the occasion, which was devised by the Cake agency.