Last year saw some glitz and glamour return to the industry (the

E-consultancy boat trip

, for example), but where was the much-anticipated re-launch of infamous etailer


A short message on the site still says it is due to reappear in 2006. What odds a launch in 2007?

Boo was previously teed up for relaunch before June last year, but both deadlines have gone by without any further news.

So who’s behind MKII and what are their plans? Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say… talk about stealth startups. After its high-profile collapse in 2000, Boo was bought by US-based, a web company that in 2007 doesn’t seem to be in a very healthy state. Presumably Fashionmall has sold it on? The domain is now registered at an address in Dublin.

Anyhow, interesting stuff is being done with’s technology by Venda’s Dan Wagner, who we’ll be interviewing shortly about his US plans.