When a YouTube clip featuring London-based PR firm Borkowski moving offices achieved over 10,000 views, you would be forgiven for thinking that it was a canny piece of marketing by the company.

Not so, apparently. PR Blogger.com reports that the PR firm denies posting the Benny Hill-style clip on YouTube.

The video had been stored as a favourite by 259 YouTube users within just 18 hours of its posting – an impressive figure, and one which meant the video appeared on the ‘Most Subscribed To’ page.

PR Blogger smelled a rat though. A quick look at the subscriber list for the video showed that either someone had been playing the system on YouTube, or all of the video’s subscribers lacked imagination in their choice of username.

Here’s a few of the usernames: OPSPL1, OPSPL2, OPSPL3, OPSPL4, OPSPL5, OPSPL6 – anybody spot a pattern?

As PR Blogger points out, if Borkowski didn’t do it, someone must really love the video to spend hours creating user names and subscribing.

The PR firm has yet to respond to a call for comment.