You’ve caught me and the internet at a very busy time. 

At 3pm today, when you fire up your iTunes you’ll find a little gift from us. 

Yes, it’s our new album ‘Maximum Hard Drive’, and it’s currently being surreptitiously loaded on to your computer for completely free!

No need to thank us. Your silence is all the gratitude we need. That and the £50 and a Toffee Crisp we got from Econsultancy. 

While you’re waiting for this momentous occasion please enjoy this collection of internet amusements…

So it comes to this…

Chart the slow decline of your favourite animated 80s stars in this glorious, hilarious yet chillingly depressing Where Are They Now short by Steve Cutts.

Adults Only Happy Meals

For us grown-ups too embarrassed to order a Happy Meal and have to stick to boring old Fillet O’ Fishes, Newt Clements has offered us an alternative. Welcome to the most disturbing Happy Meals, only available in the most gone-wrong McDonald’s.

How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

A Large Evil Corporation has created these beautiful action figure recreations of our favourite Cornetto Trilogy duo. Unfortunately they only exist in the digital realm. Bah! The internet can be a teasing mistress.

Saw OS7

This Redditor‘s friend fixed his computer. This is how he returned it.

It’s a duck blur!

This Duck Tales recreation featuring real ducks is phenomenally cute and lovingly crafted. There’s also a recreation of the Wuzzles credit sequence using actual Wuzzles, only it goes a bit ‘Dr Moreau’ and isn’t as fun.

Someone ripped off our Periodic Table of Content Marketing

And used it for science. Disgusting.

You’re a theoretical wormhole

Scientific American covered the major breaking news of how time travel’s ‘Grandfather Paradox’ has solved Itself at a quantum level. The question posed: what would happen to you if you went back in time and killed your grandfather? 

Feel free to read the link above, but don’t come crying to me when your brain explodes.

I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way

This is amazing! Test footage from 1983 of Disney’s first attempt at a Roger Rabbit movie, only just made available. Check out Paul ‘Pee Wee Herman’ Reubens as Roger.

Want to see where we work?

Here’s a breakneck Hyperlapse trip around the Econsultancy office…

Bowie’s Warszawa: an animated history

Adam Buxton narrates this brilliant animation charting the very accurate recording of the Low track with Eno and Visconti. I laughed very hard all the way through it. You will too depending on your love of Dr Buckles, Bowie and a good BBC4 music doco.

The Colours of Motion

The Colours of Motion is a visualisation of the use of colour in moving images, with a focus on film. The average color of each frame is extracted and presented in a highly interactive way.

This is the colour of Blade Runner…


Anyway, this is hours of… well, not fun exactly, more stuff to look at and go ‘huh’ to.

99 Red Balloons

Nena’s classic anti-nuclear pop masterpiece is given a rather literal but nontheless impressive makeover.

The Ladybird Book of 

Bag of Delights has Photoshopped old Ladybird books and made them weird and wrong.

If you lived here, you’d be depressed now

Here’s a terrible real estate agent photographs to make you shudder and… I don’t know… probably put a throw over your sofa or something.

Courtesy of Catherine Thompson.

Je dois les attraper tous

What Pokemons are called around the world. Wait… Pokemon? Pokemons? Hmmm… might have to check that one. 

Bored at the Oval Office

This is an official White House photo a Secret Service agent with his wife and son meeting the President.

That’s your lot for this week. Me and the internet are off hat shopping this afternoon. Hilarious montage to follow.