Hot on the heels of Google’s earnings announcement last Thursday, Wordstream has conducted analysis into the top 10 industries that spent the most money on ads with the search giant.

Resulting in $39.7bn overall, it seems that the finance & insurance industry contributed the most, followed closely by retailers & merchandise – and then travel.

In fact, ad revenue from the top ten industries as outlined below accounted for 60% of Google’s 2011 revenues.

The remaining $14.4bn was sourced from other industries, and just 4% came from non-advertising related services.

Wordstream founder and CTO said that this showed that among other trends, consumerism is still rampant.

Despite a weak economy and high unemployment, Americans are still splurging on vacations and buying lots and lots of stuff (and we’re willing to refinance our homes and apply for new credit cards, despite bad credit, in order to get it). Amazon alone spent over $55 million on PPC ads in 2011 – and that’s just what they spent on AdWords.”