Since the world cottoned on to the fact that search engine optimisation was all about linkbuilding, the world’s greatest online marketers have been trying to develop Google-friendly, scalable, linkbuilding solutions.

This proved to be a lost cause until linkbait came along.

Suddenly people were able to invest a small amount of money in a project and potentially build thousands or even millions of natural Google friendly links.

The most common linkbait promotion method is getting your content seen on sites such as Digg. But this is often easier said than done.

Today I’ve been reading the excellent Breaking the Digg Code guide which explains to marketers how to systematically get content onto the Digg front page and in front of thousands of key influencers.

Consultants like myself have been making linkbait more of a science than an art in the last 12 months.

But doing the same with Digg is quite hard thanks to the algorithm and its sometimes unfair editing process.