Just how important is your customer
contact centre to you?

For some companies, call centres are seen as a
last resort for extremely frustrated customers who have struggled online or in
store and need assistance completing their transaction.

In reality, the
customer contact centre is at the forefront of customer experience and can
often be the only ‘human’ interaction a customer has with a brand.

However, call centres are not well
received by customers. Research from Forrester revealed that just 49% of
customers are “satisfied” with transitions
from the web to the phone

The reason for this poor ranking is that staff in the customer contact centre have no insight into the problem that caused the customer to reach out for assistance.

Without knowing ‘why’ a customer has had a poor online experience, the call centre agent isn’t able to provide quick, relevant assistance. Instead, the agent is forced to ask time-consuming diagnostic questions.

This lack of visibility and context creates a multichannel customer experience gap that results in slower problem resolution, lower first-call resolution rates, and ultimately dissatisfied customers.

Run that past me again…

Imagine that you’re a travel insurance provider. A customer visits your mobile website to purchase a policy for an upcoming holiday, entering the site through a link from one of your airline partners.

After completing the online quote form, she calls the contact centre to clarify the small print and talk through the cover offered by different policies.

However, your customer contact centre has no visibility into the online experience and the customer has to repeat all of the information she already entered online. How frustrating! Then, to make matters even worse, she is quoted a higher priced than she was quoted online.

Perhaps the customer contact centre agent realises the discrepancy and can act quickly to reproduce the previously quoted price. While this might save the sale, the process has wasted valuable time for the customer.

Maybe the agent will have to send the traveller back to your website to complete the transaction. If her session has timed out, she may end up re-entering all of the information about her trip a third time.

Or, she may just leave your site in frustration and decide to turn to a competitor with a less frustrating sales process.

Is this really how you want to treat your customers?

The scenario above depicts a common interaction pattern today. While website and mobile channels have driven online self-service across any number of industries, a significant portion of the transactions that begin online continue to require a helping hand, and a human touch.

More troubling still, these customers typically encounter a customer contact centre that seems to act like a completely different company from the websites they just visited.

Gaining insight into customer experience

Any multichannel retailer who takes customer experience seriously needs to empower call centre agents with enough insight for them to see first-hand what customers are experiencing online.

With the right tools, visibility, and processes, call centre agents can resolve issues faster and deliver a positive, multichannel customer experience.