Short guides on the latest thinking, developments and terminology in digital, marketing and technology

An introduction to the third-party cookie crackdown

 ‌ With so many different developments, it can be hard to keep track (ha!) of what exactly is happening and what all of it might mean. So, here is a potted summary of the key developments in the ‘cookiepocalypse’, the impact they are having on marketing and advertising, and what industry professionals can and should do about it.

The gender gap in marketing: pay, benefits, overtime and happiness

The content of this briefing is taken from Econsultancy’s Career and Salary Survey Report 2020, produced in association with Marketing Week. First launched in 2015, this annual report is the industry’s most in-depth census of marketing careers and salaries in the UK, presenting a robust look at workplace trends and the experiences of marketers. This briefing […]

How to create better job descriptions: a guide for marketers

The content of this briefing is taken from Econsultancy’s Modern Marketing Job Descriptions Best Practice Guide, written by Rose Keen. The report offers hiring managers and recruitment teams the tools to write better job descriptions for in-demand roles. From building in inclusivity from the beginning to ensuring discoverability, this guide offers a framework to help […]

The feedback economy: challenges, growth, and the role of AI

The content of this briefing is adapted from Econsultancy’s Ratings and Reviews Best Practice Guide. It covers: The key challenges of embracing the feedback economy (and how to overcome them) Fear of negative feedback Fear of too much feedback Unrealistic consumer expectations Lack of internal resource Fake reviews The factors that have fuelled the growth […]

How digital is shaping customer experiences for FMCG brands

FMCG brands have historically generated the lion’s share of their sales offline, with consumers typically buying their groceries, toiletries, and other consumables from supermarkets or third-party retail stores. In recent years, however, the rise of digital technologies has resulted in changing consumer expectations, and a greater demand for convenience, better brand relationships, and an omni-channel […]

How to run a customer journey mapping workshop

The content of this briefing is taken from Econsultancy’s Customer Journey Mapping Best Practice Guide. This abridged version will cover: Pre-workshop Agree who attends Find a place Agree who moderates Create an agenda Include personas and hypotheses Mapping software. During workshop Successful facilitation Being the customer Teamwork Capturing conversation, Post-workshop Introduction Customer journey workshops help […]

Digital transformation graphic depicting a plant growing onto a tablet screen

The role for marketing in business transformation and the ‘customer backwards’ approach

The content of this briefing is reproduced from Econsultancy’s Change Management for Marketers Best Practice Guide, published November 2019 and written by Neil Perkin. The report is designed to provide marketers with practical guidance and advice on how best to manage change in the context of rapidly shifting technology, consumer behaviour and market dynamics. With […]

A glossary of SEO terminology

As a companion piece to the Search Engine Optimisation Best Practice Guide, we present this glossary of SEO terms, which aims to demystify some of the most commonly used terms in SEO while illustrating how the fundamentals fit together.

Paper cartons with a shopping cart or trolley logo on a laptop keyboard, depicts customers order things from retailer sites via the internet.

How machine learning is transforming retail both online and offline

According to a 2018 study by Juniper Research, spending by retailers on artificial intelligence tools will grow almost fourfold between 2018 and 2022, reaching $7.3 billion per annum – up from an estimated $2 billion in 2018. By 2022, the research found that retailers will be investing in AI tools to improve everything from customer service to sentiment analytics, automated marketing and demand forecasting.

car on the road

How digital is changing the automotive customer experience

In retail, consumers have come to expect a swift and seamless experience online from beginning to end (and beyond the point of purchase). This is what’s known as ‘the Amazon effect’. Car manufacturers (sometimes called original equipment manufacturers or OEMs) and dealerships have struggled to adapt to the complex demands of digitally-savvy consumers. The experience […]

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