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The fintech revolution and its effect on customer experience in financial services

In this briefing, we will closely examine the state of customer experience in the financial services industry, looking at who the digital challengers are that are disrupting financial services and what they bring to the table, and how established incumbents are responding to the challenge and innovating on customer experience. We will also consider the customer experience shortcomings of the new wave of fintech challengers, and how established FS brands can capitalise on these by offering the best of both worlds.


How digital is changing the automotive customer experience

In retail, consumers have come to expect a swift and seamless experience online from beginning to end (and beyond the point of purchase). This is what’s known as ‘the Amazon effect’. Car manufacturers (sometimes called original equipment manufacturers or OEMs) and dealerships have struggled to adapt to the complex demands of digitally-savvy consumers. The experience […]

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