The average British broadband user now spends around 50 days a year on the web, according to a new survey by YouGov.

General surfing was the most popular internet-based activity at an average seven hours and 54 minutes per week.

Users also spent four hours and 40 minutes per week playing online games and three hours and 26 minutes on email.

Watching video online took an average two hours and 23 minutes, while internet shopping took up one hour and 53 minutes.

Overall, those surveyed spent an average of 23.5 hours online each week, the equivalent of 51 days per year.

Price comparison service uSwitch, which commissioned the survey, said broadband users are wasting £320 million a year by missing out on the best  deals.

The figures are seen as more evidence that the internet is replacing TV as consumers’ favourite medium.

However, another recent study by industry regulator Ofcom indicated that broadband users spent just 12 hours online a week.

It surveyed adults across the UK while YouGov performed an online poll, which may have attracted more regular broadband users rather than an average cross section of subscribers.