BT has teamed up with American group Podshow to launch a UK version of the popular aggregation service for user generated content.

The site – an interesting link between social networking sites and traditional TV programming – provides a platform for individuals, record companies and media outlets to post and edit audio and visual content online.

Contributors are offered a cut of ad revenues if their material generates a sufficient number of viewings.

All broadband users will be able to access the site, while BT also plans to make some of the content available on its upcoming internet TV service BT Vision, as well as offering access via mobiles and TVs.

Ron Bloom, CEO and co-founder of PodShow said: “We are moving from a world of broadcasting to a world of all-casting, where everyone wants a reliable way to create, share and connect.

There is an incredible amount of talent and programming out there that never sees the light of day, because there is simply no way for traditional media to provide the choice that the audience craves.

Launched in early 2005, and part-owned by three of Google’s original backers, the American version of PodShow now claims to generate 10m to 15m downloads per month.

The deal gives BT exclusive rights to the show in the UK, while its founders will benefit from shared revenues from advertising.