57% of businesses and 67% of agencies that took part in Econsultancy’s Marketing Budgets report for 2012 said that investing in mobile applications was their top priority for the next year. 

QR codes were the second highest answer for both groups, with mobile commerce and mobile advertising falling shortly behind.


The full report, published in association with Experian Marketing Services, showed increasing levels of investment across a range of digital channels and disciplines.

Based on discussions with 500 companies and agencies, more than two-thirds (68%) are increasing their digital budgets for 2012, compared to 45% of companies increasing overall marketing budgets but only 16% saying the same for ‘traditional’ marketing budgets.

But the study also looked at specific channels. One of the new questions this year considered investment into the mobile space specifically.

When asked about what mobile channels or technologies they plan to invest in during 2012, more than half (57%) of client-side respondents indicated that mobile applications rank highly on their priority list. 

QR codes represent the second most popular mobile technology, with just under half of companies (48%) saying they intend to invest here in 2012.

Around a third of companies surveyed plan to invest in mobile commerce (34%), mobile advertising (31%) and mobile-optimised emails (31%).

On the supply side, just over two-thirds (67%) of agencies indicate their clients are planning to invest in mobile applications in 2012.

The next most popular mobile channels or technologies are QR codes (44%), mobile advertising (37%) and mobile commerce (37%).

Despite the widespread adoption of mobile and the increasing number of consumers engaging on multiple platforms, recent Econsultancy research reveals that the vast majority of companies are not designing their websites or marketing emails specifically for mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets).

The Econsultancy and RedEye Conversion Rate Optimization Report, published in October last year, found that more than two-thirds (70%) of companies are neglecting to design their websites specifically for these channels.

And according to the same research, just 14% of companies are designing their marketing emails specifically for mobile phones, while only 9% are adapting email campaigns for tablet users. 

So though mobile devices have become mainstream, companies are lagging behind in terms of optimising for this channel.

However, Econsultancy’s head of research Linus Gregoriadis says that there is strong anecdotal evidence to suggest that the penny is finally dropping for many businesses around the importance of mobile-friendly web content.

Not least because senior executives at home on their tablets and smartphones are wondering why the user experience for their own company websites is sub-standard. But in recent months, web designers have become increasingly aware of responsive web design (which you can read more about within Designmodo’s best practice guide), whereby the layout will adapt to the user’s screen resolution.”