It’s currently covering just the Queens area of New York, but Burger King has started to trial a mobile commerce app for the iPhone, as a way of maximising orders.

Customers can use the app to order and pay for their meals and skip queues at their local Burger King. I’ve been pretending to be in Queens so I can try the app out….

The app detects your address via GPS, or you can enter a street address manually to find your nearest Burger King. It hasn’t made full use of the iPhone here, missing the opportunity to direct users to the nearest outlet via Google Maps. 

After this, you simply select product category from the menu, and start to add items to your order:

BK iPhone app

The app allows you to super-size your meal, or add special instructions, if you don’t want onions for instance. It also seems that you can buy a triple whopper in the US: 

BK iPhone app ordering

New customers have to register before they can pay for their order, which is not only unnecessary, but can be fiddly on a mobile. This is one barrier to purchase that could potentially be removed, or at least made optional, though repeat users can save their card details to make future purchases easier.

BK iPhone app registration

The checkout process is pretty smooth though, and seems to have been trimmed down as much as is possible:

Burger King mobile app checkout

It’s a very good idea, and according to a recent survey fast food is one of the things that mobile users want to buy on their phones.

It’s also reasonably usable app, though the registration process is a bit of a pain, and the whole thing could be more visually appealing, the simplicity of the ordering and payment process is impressive.

According to Gomobo CEO Noah Glass (quoted in Mobile Marketer),
which had a hand in the app’s development, it has increased average
order values by 25% over those placed in-store, which should have other
restaurant chains thinking about launching similar mobile services.