Later this month we’ll be hosting an event aimed at helping digital agencies to figure out how to win those projects that are worthwhile from a strategic perspective.

Why is this necessary? Well in these busy times there needs to be a little more thought involved in the business development cycle – it isn’t 2002, when agencies were foraging for any sort of work.

On the face of it, digital / interactive agencies have never had it so good, but there are underlying reasons for pitching for Project X but declining to get involved with Project Y…

CEOs and business development directors for digital agencies are constantly faced with a dilemma, best summed up in a ‘is this project right for us?’ question.

What do we mean by that? Money is money, right? Well no, there’s more to it than that. Money was money in 2002. Today, that approach is too short-term, too blinkered.

There is a lot of demand out in the marketplace so agencies are busier than ever. The real issue faced by agencies is related to recruitment and skills development.

Ideally, agencies want to bring in the kind of projects that will help them develop skills internally, so that their combined skillset doesn’t stagnate, and so that they don’t have to pay over the odds to recruit new staff with the required skills.

We’ve witnessed first hand that there’s lots of demand for informed training from experts who really understand a subject area, and with the usual E-consultancy focus on best practice (because nobody wants to make mistakes, not when clients are paying for it).

This year we’ve trained many thousands of industry professionals in the sciences of digital, and there’s much more to come, but what about educating the top people at the digital agencies? What do they need to know?

We’ve created an event called Business Development For Agencies, taking place on 25 September in London, to help inform your new business strategy. A press release explains more here, or you can look at the event schedule and book your seat.

It is all about making your pitches more effective, and winning the right kind of work.

Speakers include representatives from Virgin Games, Saatchi and Saatchi Interactive, npower, COI, as well as the former marketing director of eBay. It promises to be an informative day, for anybody involved with client-facing work, new projects, pitching and agency strategy.

I probably don’t need to tell you that seats are strictly limited and are selling fast, but they are, so don’t procrastinate on this one if it is likely to be useful to your organisation.